The Good Artist | A Pune based growing community is promising a...

The Good Artist | A Pune based growing community is promising a successful future to the local artists.


The Good Artists of Pune, or simply called The Good Artist, is a grassroots movement and open networking platform for the arts in Pune that facilitates cohesive interaction between local artists, disjointed communities, enthusiastic venues, and aspiring youth for a quality interactive experience in the arts.

Spearheaded by Pune artist Shraddha Borawake, the GAP believes that everybody is a ‘good’ artist. If there is no existing platform for the volumes of amateur, emerging and emerged artists to grow and explore their talents in the city, then there is no measuring system for what is good, great or excellent art either.

Hence, the GAP aims to change the archaic paradigm of the existing exclusivity of access to art with a first of its kind venture of public art and sharing of unexposed local talents.

Good Artists: Rajyashri Goody, LMB Productions, Taal Inc and Kumar Prashant & Rebirth.

Through innovative and cutting-edge ideas that constantly push the boundaries of what art is, should be, and can be, The Good Artist, supported by notable institutions such as Khoj International, Gyaan Adab, and High Spirits is building a sustainable, exciting future for the arts scene of Pune and the country.

With the GAP, art of all disciplines and its makers can finally break out of the seclusion of their designated spaces and come together with entrepreneurs of various fields to spark a fire for creativity across cultural, social, economic and political divides.

The Good Artists of Pune have also initiated the first International Artists’ Residency and Workshop in Pune.

What The GAP does:

Attendees of a GAP Mixer.

1. Mixers:
As a grassroots movement, the GAP has steadily been gaining a wide range of supporters from all fields. Their regular mixers, held at various spaces around the city every three months, are attended by both emerging and established artists, students looking for inspiration, and well known entrepreneurs. Every mixer has a theme or a talk by a member of the art world, the two recent ones by Pooja Sood, the founder of Khoj International, and Parris Jaru and Kiritin Beyer, international artists travelling across Western India on an arts project.

2. GAP Co[Lab] The Good Artists of Pune Converge to Let Art Be.

An arts collaboration and exhibition taking place between the 31st October and 2nd November at the upcoming TIFA/Shalimar Hotel, Pune Station.

GAP Co[Lab] is an event tailored by the Good Artists of Pune to create a space for all artists to interact, participate, and collaborate in art projects travelling across the globe.

As a result of their last Mixer in September, Jamaican painter Parris Jaru and Danish/French film-maker Kiritin Beyer will be visiting Pune city specifically to join The Good Artists of Pune and orchestrate the first edition of GAP Co[Lab], actively engaging in a cultural exchange with local talent.

They invite the artistic community of Pune to the Shalimar Hotel, a raw space filled with old 1920s furniture, currently being converted to TIFA, the Talera Institute of Fine and Applied Arts for three days of experimental multi-disciplinary art practices, open to anybody and everybody with an artistic inclination.

Parris and Kiritin’s ongoing project researching Natural Pigments.

Participating artists include Ruby Jhunjhunwala, Nachiket Guttikar, Varun Venkit, Sangram Sadhale, Sam Bullough, LMB Productions, and Randhir Khare, artists of various mediums, from ceramics, ancient photo printing techniques, drumming, origami, film-making to story-telling.

The Good Artists of Pune have also initiated the first International Artists’ Residency and Workshop in Pune city, supported by Khoj International. Seven local, three national, and eight international artists are going to come together in the heart of Pune to create multi-disciplinary experimental art of an international caliber between the 16th of February and 1st of March 2015.

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