The Pros and Cons of a Remote Internship

The Pros and Cons of a Remote Internship


remote internship

A virtual or remote internship is the one where the candidate can do his college internship from a remote location, without the need to be physically present at the office during office hours.

Undoubtedly, it is convenient for many who have certain restrictions or limitations. But not all is on the positive side.

Just like a coin, a remote internship has two sides too. So, before you think of going for a remote internship, we have some internship advise for you.

Let’s try to comprehend the pros and cons of a remote internship to decide what’s better:


– Flexible Timings 

One of the best things about a remote internship is that you can have the flexibility of time in most cases. As you are provided your part of the work a week or month in advance, you can choose how you do it. Although there are deadlines, it is not mandatory to do you work during the office hours. So, if you are occupied during the daytime, you can choose to complete your work overnight and submit it before the deadline.


– Can do Multiple Internships at a time 

It’s not only one of the benefits, but an internship advise as well. If you have ample time and you are good at time management, you can prefer doing two internships at a time, or even more; depending on the workload. However, our suggestion is to take only as much as you can do sincerely.

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– More independent 

In a remote internship, the work is more independent. You don’t have to keep reporting to your supervisor. You are more of an independent worker, so you learn to manage it all yourself.

You do research on your own (improves skills) and barely depend on anyone to help you with the work.

And that’s one of our internship tips too, “to learn research and management skills while you are interning. It leads you closer to internship success.”


– Financially profitable 

Internship tips go in favour of a remote internship because it is financially profitable in many ways. It might pay you a little less, but the expenses are limited too. There is no traveling to work, no worries of looking decent every day, and no everyday office expenses like snacks and outings.


– No cubicles

If your work is creativity based, it can be really difficult to come up with ideas within the office cubicle. From this point of view, the availability of a remote internship is a boon.

You can sit in any corner of your home, in a coffee shop, in a park, or any place where your creative juices flow. There is no need to spend your entire day in a small cubicle.


– More productive

Your college internships should be more productive and a remote internship provides you just that. You don’t have to start early for work and you don’t have to think what to wear and ten other things.

In fact, all the above points conclude to the fact that you are more productive in a remote internship and hence chances of internship success are more.




– Lack of in-office experience 

One of the most attention-worthy cons of a remote internship, which can affect the level of internship success, is the lack of in-office experience.

In an office environment, there is a lot to learn. Experts sharing internship tips also agree to this. You see how the work is being done, what’s the entire process, etc. All this is not known in a remote internship.


– Limited Team Work 

Even though the work is being done as a team, you are a virtual part of it. They are getting the work from your end but otherwise, the participation is limited.

You might have a video call meeting once in a while, regular mails, but still, the essence of teamwork is missing when you are working individually from your home or anywhere else.

As per internship tips shared by experts, teamwork is one of the most vital skills you learn from an internship.


– No Networking 

Doing a remote internship is better in many ways but it misses out on an important aspect of internships.

As per our experts, internship success also depends on how many connections you were able to make. The people in the office make what the office is. You are not just surrounded by random people but mostly ones who share similar career interests.

But when you are working from a remote location, you aren’t meeting people physically; you aren’t part of gatherings and therefore missing out on networking.

Additionally, you not only miss out on the people but the activities that take place in an office. You are not a part of their office parties, festivals, celebrations, etc.

All in all, being part of an institution has its own worth which is missed out in a remote internship.


– Distractions

In an office, everyone is working so you don’t feel that you are being left out from doing anything more interesting at the moment. But while working from a remote location, you have all kind of distractions.

You might feel like going out, joining anyone doing something else, sleeping etc. And due to these distractions, you keep pushing the work further and doing it at the last moment when the deadline arrives. It surely affects the quality of the work you do.


– More of a contractor, less of an employee

In a remote internship, you are more of a contractor who does one share of their work. You are barely counted as an employee or office intern in spite of doing a college internship.

In most cases, you have little or no right to remain in touch with the office employees or know any of the strategies.

You are just expected to turn in your share of the work on time. Our experts giving internship advice aren’t in favor of such work if you are doing the internship for gaining overall work experience.

But some companies do offer good exposure even to their remote interns.

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So, as we see, a remote internship could have quite a lot of pros as well as cons. While for some, the convenience of a remote internship can lead to internship success, for some a college internship in the office environment does wonders.

Now, it is upon you to decide which ones matter more to you and which ones you can give over for the other.