The resume that got me a job with Uber, and how you...

The resume that got me a job with Uber, and how you can be next. – by Dawson Botsford.


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by Dawson Botsford.

I signed an offer with Uber two weeks ago for full-time software development. During my interview process, I’ve witnessed much confusion on what a resume “should” look like:

“What do I include in my resume?”

“How long should my resume be?”

“Should I include that restaurant job from high school in my resume?”

I’ll answer these questions and more from what worked for me.

Here is the resume that got me the job.
downloaddownload (1)

It’s not flashy, it’s more than one page, and there are no fancy columns.People fret over those details, and while a unique design can catch an eye, so can mine without them.

Here’s a lightning-fast run down of what interviewers have told me is important that I’ve done:

  • Include your Github (and give your gh profile a picture for God’s sake) (Having projects of your own that are legit can make the difference)
  • Use at least one color beyond black and white
  • More than one page is fine (Although Apple told me once they like 1-pagers, I got in as a KPCB Fellow and Uber with 2-pagers)
  • Do not include that restaurant job from high school unless you can talk on prestigious accomplishments there for more than a minute.
  • In general, you need four sections:
  1. Education (your college)
  2. Skills (Node, PHP, ROR, etc.)
  3. Work Experience (Interned at DoD, Facebook, etc.)
  4. Achievements and accomplishments (Hackathon organizer, AP scholar, etc.)




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