The Ultimate Checklist for Graduates in 2017

The Ultimate Checklist for Graduates in 2017

Check these checkpoints off as you shift your designation from a student to a working professional. This list is the ultimate guide for graduates in 2017.


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Final days call for a final checklist

College is coming to an end. Your feelings for this change are all muddled. For some this cessation is a delight, for some, it is a senti-moment. Whatsoever feelings your mind throws on you, this checklist is for all graduates in 2017. This list bears no intention other than to guide you to optimistically embrace-the-point-of-no-return and look forward to what life offers. Read on to know more.

Do not freak out

Graduates in 2017
Keep calm and carry on (Source:

Life is a series of phases- agreed. Whatever comes your way, never loose it. Job or no job, it will never matter. Just focus on what you want with confidence. Have faith in your efforts and see how pretty life could be. Keep a cool mindset and enjoy.

Give your horizons a brand new view

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Widen your knowledge (

You have recently been exposed to what we call as life. It is your job to explore more. Get your Dora- the explorer gene activated and search! Search jobs thoroughly before you decide. Choose what lets you breathe a relieved sigh. Seek what floats your boat and sail away!

Do not forget, you have plenty of time you are just twenty something. 

Take advantage of your student status, one last time

Coupons, shopping shenanigans, free gifts, free food, discounts, salon/spa stories- whatever it is. Use to your own advantage the perks of being a student, for one last time. Explore and grab all this society offers for free to the esteemed learning class. Show you ID and get those privileges!

Give your exams, one last time

College days witness the fun. With great fun comes great responsibility. Your final exams are your last call to prove that marks will never define you. So, slay them well. Study for your final exams because taking tests will no longer be the same once you graduate. Exams are important because CGPAs matter!

Stay away from social media

This is an understood advice. Just don’t indulge in useless internet browsing sessions. No matter how irresistible the articles on StumbleUpon are, do not waste your time. Do not make doggy faces on Snapchat in this crucial time, as you can’t afford to waste it. Manage your time productively.

Brush up your digital depiction

This is a digital era. Anyone can scoop anything from the internet. Before you enter the professional world of “responsible adults”, make sure you don’t have baggage from your past! Cleanse and brush up your social media profiles, especially LinkedIn. Do not let anything be troublesome to you in your job paradise. Do not forget to build your network.

Enjoy the final days of college

Graduates in 2017
Enjoy your salad days

Enjoy this final phase life is offering you, for the rut is just about to begin. While it is extremely important to aim for the dream jobs, it is also important to let loose. Go out for lunch or coffee dates with your friends, hang out with them. Bid a grateful adieu to your buddies who have always been with you.

Maintain good health

Last but the penultimate checkpoint in this list. But health and well-being are the core reason for all that one does. Do not let stress knock you out. Do not let hardships let you strayed from your aim and faith. Be optimistic and deal with all that life offers- bitter or sweet. Maintain a healthy state of mind along with a healthy body. Keep in mind to be happy, happiness is what we all seek.

These checkpoints are to help you glide from the best phase of your life to the one which is the foundation of what is yet to come. Just stay focussed on applying for jobs in your final days of college. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.