6 reasons why you should attend TheCampusEntrepreneur Summit 2014 | Meet startup...

6 reasons why you should attend TheCampusEntrepreneur Summit 2014 | Meet startup founders, student entrepreneurs and get mentored by experts!


TCE Summit 2014


We have always celebrated student start-ups, and enforced the philosophy of ‘Start young’ time and again, hence, we are proud to introduce you to the TheCampusEntrepreneur Summit 2014, which Letsintern is the partner of.

What is TheCampusEntrepreneur Summit?
TheCampusEntrepreneur Summit 2014 is a Platform to Motivate and Mentor Student Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs. Learn Entrepreneurship lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs, Get Motivated by the inspiring stories of other Student Entrepreneurs.

The central idea is to acquaint students with the benefits of Entrepreneurship and provide them with an opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs and local professionals. Here, students learn the fundamentals of starting a business from a line-up of high-calibre speakers and also have the opportunity to interact with successful Student Entrepreneurs and get motivated.

With this Summit, we aim at opening up a platform for aspiring student entrepreneurs and creating a healthy, growing community for student startups, where you can meet several founders just like you, who are passion driven, and are determined to make a dent in the universe.

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Let’s find out how attending TheCampusEntrepreneur Summit 2014 will help you.
1. Close Interaction With Investors:  If you often think about correcting your business plan or the way you present it to the investors, TheCampusEntrepreneur Summit 2014 is your place to be. Get a first-hand feedback from the VCs themselves in a close interaction.

2. Get The Visibility: You are a start-up and the world doesn’t even know you exist yet. Attending the largest student entrepreneurial summit in the country gives you unmatched visibility and exposure.

3. Networking At Its Best: Talk to bloggers, meet people who can offer you services and you can barter your offerings with them. You will find curious and enthusiastic people who are willing to try out your product and give you an insight which you may not have been aware of.

TCE Summit Speakers4. Entrepreneurial Inspiration: Listen to the stories of Student Entrepreneurs and find out how they got that push and how they started. Get inspired.

5. Renowned Entrepreneurs as Speakers:
 Listen to some of the very renowned entrepreneurs and take lessons on how you can make it big. The perils and Pitfalls of starting up early, the challenges, the support system and ofcourse the way to overcome challenges.

6. Meet Prospective Customers: It is easy to startup, but how do you find customers? Well, by meeting them. And where do you find them? You guessed it right. TheCampusEntrepreneur Summit 2014 is your place to be.

What could be a better way to spend a day than working on your dreams; take a break from the monotonous routine and look into the outside world. Think of what you wanted to achieve when you were 10, come and talk to us and let us know how we can help you do that.

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