This Is How You Find Top Internships On LetsIntern (Part One)

This Is How You Find Top Internships On LetsIntern (Part One)

Kudos to those who have managed to scoop the Top Internships to kick start their career. For those who need a guide, this is it.


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Nail your Top Internships

The name itself is a direct giveaway. LetsIntern is an online platform which curates top internships for aspiring students who wish to test the waters before diving right into the career pool. As we all are well acknowledged with the fact that internships earn the right kind of experience to get you job ready. With so many top internships available, one can avail opportunities to give the required nitro boost to their career. Let’s see how you can intern with the help of LetsIntern.

LetsIntern updates it’s internships every day. The website has a module which lets employers post ads for interns to browse through. These internships are available under different categories for an easy access for aspiring interns.

The Available Categories

Internships by Industry 

This segment offers internships based on profiles. For example, if you want to apply for an internship in Business Analysis, you should filter through this section. The industry specific segment contains numerous internships varying from domains like IT, Marketing, Design, Engineering, Management, Media and Finance.

Internships by Location

As it is quite obvious, this segment covers internships from different regions and cities in India. Our trending cities are Delhi NCR region, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune. For aspiring students in cities other than these Metropolitans, we also offer Pan-India Internships, which can be availed by students from any part of the country.

Featured Internships 

This portion of the page showcases top internships which are of high value; in terms of brand name and the stipend offered. In this section, you’d find top internships from brands like Uber, Airtel, Zomato, Accenture etc. You will also find internships paying as much as Rs 50,000.

Featured Companies

This is the section which brings top internships from the top brands. ‘Featured Companies’ entails top internships from companies like Aditya Birla, Cummins, Wipro, Kotak and Reliance JIO. These internships can also be role specific. These internships are the company specific picks.

This is an overall outlook of the website. All you have to do is sign up and start applying. And all of this won’t cost a single penny! So, get ready and pick your top internships, today! Oh, wait! The second part of the blog will tell you all about our Internships by Location with deets! Stay tuned.