This Is What Success Is According To Warren Buffett

This Is What Success Is According To Warren Buffett

The secret to Warren Buffett's success is not money. Read and learn how Warren Buffett describes success in his lush life.


Warren Buffet’s success tricks (quoteaddicts)

Our favourite holding period is forever

Warren Buffett has held on to his success forever! He not only just has the richest of the riches but he has abundance. For people like Warren, wealth feels natural and innate. Do you wish to know what is the secret to his sweet success? Keep reading as we quote what Warren Buffett has been telling us all.

Warren Buffett’s Success Mantra

Having deep pockets isn’t how Warren Buffett defines the essence of his success. His connections and relationships are what makes his lush life so successful. Bill Gates, Warren’s friend once said, “Warren Buffett has always said the measure of success is whether the people close to you are happy and love you.”

For Buffet it is not just about being minted! It is your network and relationships that define your success. Once Buffet said in an MBA talk, in 2008, “being given unconditional love is the greatest benefit you can ever get.”

He says, “The incredible thing about love is that you can’t get rid of it. If you try to give it away, you end up with twice as much, but if you try to hold onto it, it disappears. It is an extraordinary situation, where the people who just absolutely push it out, get it back tenfold.”

Buffett believes in doing what makes a person the happiest and with the people he loves. Once at a business school, Buffett addressed his audience when asked about happiness with this beautiful maxim, “I get to do what I like to do with people that I love. That is happiness. I am happy day after day after day. How could I be any happier?”

“I have seen all kinds of people that they are miserable,” he continues. “They have what the rest of the world may think is important, but they don’t have anybody who gives a damn about them. If you have a family that is totally alien, and I see that all the time, often in rich families, I don’t see how you can be very happy,” he added.

Buffett surely knows that money can buy things that may make you happy for a moment or two but it can’t buy happiness. Buffett has inhabited the same house since 1958. He says, “if I could spend $100 million on a house that would make me a lot happier, I would do it. But, for me, that’s the happiest house In the world. And it’s because it’s got memories, and people come back, and all that sort of thing.”

Follow your dreams, aspirations and aims; whatever they are. Run after your peace of mind, happiness. Everything else will simply spin into the right places.

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