Tips Before You Go For An Internship Interview

Tips Before You Go For An Internship Interview

Is an interview around? Don't have the time to google for the last minute rituals? Read this to know all about interviews.


Internship Interviews (cdn)
Internship Interviews (cdn)

All set for an internship interview? Already dressed to impress? Step back and read these tips to prepare yourself for the upcoming meeting, which will decide your course of the internship.

Enhance Your Soft Skills

A lot of times we stutter while speaking. While this may happen to the best of all, this is a result of nervousness and fear of failure. The pointer here is to not be pressurised when the situation is too intimidating. You can practice the following for buffing your communication skills.

  • Talk to yourself in front of a mirror
  • Debate/ discuss a particular topic with your friends or colleagues
  • Read a biography of your choice

Regular practice will improve your communication skills and you will gain confidence while speaking with your superiors without the fear of failure. Excellent communication skills can increase your employability for future. It is also important that they know you are enthusiastic and energetic about the internship, so phrase your sentences well so that they are captivated with your personality.


Prepare a Questionnaire

Make a list of all the probable questions that may be asked during an interview. It will be beneficial if you do your homework and scout for sharp and witty answers. You might check out the available tricky interview questions. Some of the basic questions may be

  • ‘What is your weakness?
  • ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years?’, and
  • ‘Why have you applied to our company?’

There may be some improbable questions which have no perfect answer. The trick here is to be impromptu and spontaneous with your answers. This is where the magic happens. Questions like ‘Do you think leaving India for better job prospects is a better option?’ If you are able to answer such unrehearsed questions well enough, the next question that you will be asked is ‘When will you be able to join us?

Dress Appropriately

We have all heard about the concept of “dress to impress“. Casual wear is highly discouraged during an interview. It makes the person appear well, casual. Do not try to jazz it up with accessories; that is stupid. Although tattoos are a personal choice, it’d be better if you could manage to not showcase your design on the big day, unless you are applying as a tat-artist.


Lower Down The Desperation

Your motive must be to impress the interviewer for the internship. Sometimes, during an interview, candidates can appear desperate. Avoid the desperation by remaining calm and relaxed. Once you are poised and relaxed, your interviewer will also be able to realise how well you can behave under pressure. Avoid using the phrase ‘Please give me one chance’, and so on. The point is to appear confident even when you are nervous.

The above tips will reflect on your personality and the interview will go very well once you start smiling and remain balanced. The key is to remain calm and have positive thoughts. Because it is not the end of your world.

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