To Pursue Or Not To Pursue Post-Graduation: College Life

To Pursue Or Not To Pursue Post-Graduation: College Life

Confused about whether to enjoy two more years of blissful college life and pursue a post-graduation or get set to find a job? Read on to find answers...


Pursue post-graduation to see the serious, yet fun side of college life.
Pursue post-graduation to see the serious, yet fun side of college life.

Many of you might have just graduated and got your final results. A few of you might be in the final year of the college, enjoying the college life, but wondering what to do, where to move next? You might be considering pursuing a post-graduation in the subject of your choice. Which is brilliant. However, before you jump the gun, here are a few things that you should and shouldn’t be doing to make the right decision.

Following the friend

College life is all about making friends, meeting new people, discovering new interests. However, going for post-graduation just because your friend is doing so is going a little too far. She might be sure about what she wants, she might have the faculties to survive the grill of post-graduation, but if her will is what is making you want to take the plunge, then step back.

Some introspection

Ask yourself why you want this. Do you want to do this because it will help you get ahead in the field you want to make your career in? How much will it work on your resume? But most importantly ask yourself if you are convinced enough to do it and put yourself, heart and soul in this new wave of college life.

Do your research

Read as much as you can about the course you are planning on pursuing. Is it even the right course to get you where you want? Go through the syllabus provided on the college website and see if it really sparks the fire of interest in you.

You cannot spend two years of your college life, especially during post-graduation with only half a heart in the subject. You will be required to do projects, write dissertations, and you will have to be up for all that. If you find yourself lacking, then don’t go for it.

And before anything else, research whether the university you are thinking of taking admission is actually recognized and can give you the degree at the end of your final year without any hassle.

Prepare to go or in many cases stay broke

Your Whatsapp group might buzz with pings of people enjoying their first job or their first paycheck, while you be going to and fro from classes everyday. Of course, you will have the advantage of bunking classes and arriving late (a privilege your friends would kill for) but it won’t be the same. You will have to stay broke or go broke again and keep the hopes of buying the latest PlayStation aside, again.

Unstable future

While a post-graduate degree will definitely shape you as a person and change the way you perceive college life, but it won’t be your golden ticket to high-paying jobs. You will still have to struggle for it, especially if you did not do any internships during the time and choose to have a gala time.

While we don’t want to scare you, we want you to have a clear picture of what you are doing and where you are going. A post-graduate degree will look heavy on your resume and it also paves the way for the lucrative job option of being a professor in some renowned college. However, your golden dreams will stay as dreams if you don’t step up your game.

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