Top 10 FREE must-have apps for college students | How many of...

Top 10 FREE must-have apps for college students | How many of these do you have?


Smartphones – What would we do without them! From education to entertainment and from social networking to reading a good book, all is possible on-the-go with all these new and shiny gadgets. An important extension of smartphones are apps, or applications.  We all have our basic e-mail client, a couple of games, perhaps a dictionary or two, but while in college there are some apps that would be cool to have, if not necessarily essential.  These serve a variety of purposes, some directly related to student life, some that may be of use throughout  life.  We leave you to go through the list and see if something catches your eye! Here the 10 apps we recommend:

1. Evernote:
Evernote, as the name suggests is a note taking app,  but that is not the only thing it does!

Evernote allows you to sync your notes across devices using which means you can not only use it on your smartphone but also on your desktop or laptop. The coolest bit is that you can add handwriting to your notes if you feel typing is too cumbersome!  You can also organize notes by notebooks of your choosing.  Organise, collate, note down whatever you want, wherever you want, however you want it.  Give it a whirl, organising notes becomes so much more leaner for it.  If you want pre-prepared notes instead, try SparkNotes, an app pre-loaded with notes so you may just select what you need to read and go at it!

2. Studious:
How many times have you had your phone go off during a class? You’d know the embarrassing situation that puts you in, with everyone sneering at your choice of ringtone and worse, if you have annoyed the wrong professor, you might have to say good-bye to your phone for a while too!
That’s where Studious comes to the rescue. ( Don’t go by it’s name. It’s okay to have this app even if you aren’t a total nerd!)  This app, when fed with class schedule, automatically silences your phone during that time. Oh, did we mention, it also reminds you of due assignments and homework?  What more do you want?!

3. Maths Alarm Clock and/or Alarmy:
Are you the known sleepy-head who tends to snooze till it’s too late? Yes? We have just the right alarm clock for you. We understand that waking up is difficult, more so when you have something important looming ahead! The Maths Alarm Clock, as you might have guessed, gives you a simple math problem to solve before it stops ringing. (Don’t worry, it’ll not tell you to calculus!)
In case, you are still have trouble trusting your sleepy self, them Alarmy is as best as it gets. It won’t stop buzzing till you take a picture of a preset object – say your sink, or your toothbrush. So, wake up in time, kick start your day with a question and feel better about yourself for waking up on time!

Food is the basic very much ignored necessity of any college student. Don’t have many options to choose from? Epicurious – the cookbook app might be just what you need! Oh, no. This isn’t just your mom’s recipe book.  It lists recipes on the basis of staple ingredient, which means, you enter what you have and it tells what you can cook with it!
With extensive categorisation and multiple ways to search for recipes, Epicurious makes cooking simpler. You can choose your food according to festive events and even dietary preferences. It also helps you shop by preparing a grocery buying list for you when you select a few recipes.  Happy eating, broke college student! : )
5. Duolingo:
Looking for a hobby? How about learning a new language? Duolingo is a language learning app that offers free learning in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English!  Great for beginners and other people alike who’d love the chance to learn a new language but never got around to it.  The app makes learning easy and fun, a great way to start and continue! That’s now possible on the go! So go ahead, install zetzt!

6. Toshl Finance Budget and Expense:
A money manager app, as the name suggests, the app allows you to easily manage cash incomes and expenses, with the benefit of a simple layout and fun GUI.  It’s ease of functionality allows you to add your income, set a monthly budget and note your daily expenses at a preset time.  This is a basic app, but helps to keep up with expenditures.  For those who like a more sophisticated approach, theres’ always Expense Manager. 

7. Circle of 6
Circle of 6 is a security app, with perhaps the most increasing importance.  It lets you add six trusted contacts to serve as emergency contacts, not only for actual emergencies, but made up ones too! A date going bad, or a meeting that you need to get out of may be solved, by a couple taps to the app that alerts one of your pre-fed contacts.  Just set-up the app and you’re good to go!  You can also list two emergency hotline numbers for various situations as well.

8.A lcoDroid Alcohol Tracker:
What is college without a few drunken episodes? yes, we have been there too. Drinking is fun,sometimes, and in moderation.  This app, allows you to monitor and track your alcohol intake and lets you know when you are in the clear to do stuff.  Its got a lot a functionalities to help you log your gulps with the minimum of effort and thereby save you from yourself. Well, sort of. So, if you’re the belter you think you are, this app will surely help with your belting! Cheers!

9. Viber:
Free audio calls, text messages and sharing!  This is basically similar to Skype but is build keeping handhelds in mind, as opposed to the more desktop-friendly orientation of Skype.  Use in whichever way you want it to Viber offers auto-sync with phone contacts and auto detection of contacts already on Viber. It also comes with built-in stickers and the allows you to send pictures with your doodle on them. Broke student’s paradise, we reckon’!
Apply for the Viber #goodvibes Campus Ambasador Program and win a place on the #goodvibes World Tour! 

10. WaterIn:
We went over the importance of food and keeping your diet in check a while back, and while you are at it, why not take care of your water intake as well. WaterIn reminds you to drink water and keep yourselves hydrated while you’re busy pulling off your shenanigans!

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