Top 9 Photography internships You Need to Apply For Today

Top 9 Photography internships You Need to Apply For Today

Believe you should have been born behind a lens? If capturing moments for forever fuels your passion, you should at least consider photography internships.


Do clicks strike your fancy? Then consider photography internships. (Image: DeviantArt)

Do clicks fuel your fancy? Consider photography internships. (Image: DeviantArt)

Do people, objects or your surroundings excite you in a way that you want to click the moment and keep it as a memory forever? Or do you want to have a business created around these snaps?

Then that means that a photographer exists within you and is desperately trying to come out. So, you need to discover your talent, hone your skills of photography and polish it.

Why a photography internship?

Most people start photography as a hobby but after discovering that it is their passion, consider turning to it professionally. To begin on this path, consider learning the ropes first – find the right courses in India which teach photography, so as to clear your technical and theoretical grasp on the medium.

The next step? Gain practical knowledge by undergoing a photography internship in the country – working with an established photographer or a company or taking up assignments which add to your portfolio.

You can also enter your budding talent in a photography competition and gain expertise and peer recognition. And in the meantime, keep discovering good works of photographic art around you.

Which Photography Internship suits you?

It seems to be easy but finding a photography internship is really a tough task because during this training you learn the things that provide you with an experience of a lifetime. You can opt for a social, corporate, fashion, editorial and even a professional photography internship because they provide you with different kind of experiences.

Top 9 Photo Internships

If you are planning to have summer internships in 2017 then there are some companies which have opened up their listings for a summer internship.

1. Roorkee Educational Publishers, Mumbai:

A student can intern in Roorkee Educational Publishers in Mumbai because it ranks first in the top 10 Photo internships companies in India. It provides you with an all-expenses-covered internship where you can learn new skills without incurring extra expenses. Other companies are listed below:

2. Unravel India, New Delhi:

This company provides you a stipend of Rs 12000 per project so that you can experience real life photography.

3. PicSurely:

PicSurely let you work in almost all the major cities. Though it does not provide any stipend, but it gives you a box full of new creative skills.

4. A Little Anarky Films, New Delhi:

With a stipend of Rs 5000 you will get projects that are generally so interesting that no one wants to miss a chance of learning here.

5. MITHILAsmita Art & Craft, Bangalore:

An unpaid internship in Bangalore that will help you to understand the new features about landscape photography.

6. Creating A fix, New Delhi:

Situated in the capital of the country this company is best for doing your internship as it provides all facilities and stipend of Rs 4000.

7. ReleaseMyAd Media, Kolkata:

This company will give you an exposure to do wildlife photography along with a stipend of Rs 5000 so that you can polish your skills.

8. Dukhabar, New Delhi:

Situated in Delhi, Dukhabar is the perfect destination if you wish to learn a photography skill with different angles and lens.

10. Comma Technology Services, Bangalore:

It is the best thing in the world to earn while you learn. This company will give you live projects and a stipend of Rs 8000 per month so that you can have practical knowledge about photography.