Top 3 Corporate Competitions to watch out for this week | From...

Top 3 Corporate Competitions to watch out for this week | From IIT Bombay, Wipro and MuSigma.


1. National Entrepreneurship Challenge, E-Cell, IIT Bombay

What you get: Prizes worth 3 Lakhs.
Who can participate: his competition is open to students from all streams.
Application Deadline: The challenge begins on August 26. the first task submission is accepted till September 30, 2014

Find more details here and participate now.

About: To give wing to the entrepreneurial ambitions of students across different campuses, E-Cell, IIT Bombay is organising a National Entrepreneurship Challenge, a first of its kind pan-India competition.The initiative aims to help other campuses create an ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs.The challenge will ultimately direct participating colleges to establish their own E-Cells, and help in developing the entrepreneurial spirit of students, which we believe is instrumental for our country to develop.

2. Earthian, Wipro
What do you get: 10 awards of Rs.1,50,000 each. Appreciation Certificates for top 25 entries.
Who can participate: Undergraduate and diploma students can participate in this challenge. You can either participate as an individual or a team of maximum 8 members.
Application Deadline: September 30, 2014

Find more details here and participate now.

About: Wipro Earthian is Wipro’s sustainability program for schools and colleges aimed at fostering better sustainability thinking and doing among young people. We are moving into an unprecedented situation for human life on the planet – a full earth with limited resources, breaching a number of safe limits for human existence while social deprivation continues to be a challenge.  The current ways of dealing with these challenges have not created any significant shift in direction – in our thinking, attitude or behavior. It is increasingly becoming clear that we need a new way of thinking, sensibility, behavior and responses to approaching these challenges. Wipro Earthian aims to help our schools and colleges prepare our younger generation to understand these challenges and build the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to deal with these.

3. Muphoria, MuSigma
What do you get:
– Each month’s winners will be identified on the basis of a number of factors – comprising but not necessarily limited to lowest overall cost for that month and the most innovative solution The prize money for each month will be a total of Rs. 2 lakhs.
– One contestant/team is eligible to win at most 3 times during the competition. After this the team will not be eligible to participate in the competition Winning teams will be flown in for a final round of interview at their Bangalore office after the competition closes (December 2014).
– Winners will be duly notified of the dates and other necessary details. Members of winning teams who are offered a chance to join Mu Sigma will be eligible for a one-time sign-on bonus of Rs. 3 Lakhs on the completion of three months employment at Mu Sigma.

Who can participate:
The contest is open to students who are currently in the pre-final or final year of a 4/5 year Engineering program in India. You can either participate as an individual or a team of maximum 2 members. Team members can be from different universities/countries as along as each team member meets the eligibility criteria. This contest is NOT open to students pursuing their Masters in Engineering.

Application Deadline: Monthly Contest that will last till December 2014.

Find more details here and participate now.

About: MuPhoria is aimed at giving Engineering students a chance to solve complex yet exciting business problems by integrating the disciplines of Math, Business and Technology. Mu Sigma is an analytics services provider. It is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with its main delivery centre in Bangalore.





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