Hot Technologies this Season!

Hot Technologies this Season!


The right technical skills are an ever-changing commodity. Here’s a list of the 5 hottest technologies this season that could get you laid. Oops, sorry! We meant, get you the coolest IT internship!

1. jQuery 

jQuery is the most widely used, multi-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. With jQuery, you can make the web more interactive by giving people a platform such as Wikipedia and WordPress. You can also leverage AJAX and do Document Object Model (DOM) manipulations with minimum code.

Associated Roles: Front End developer and JavaScript developer.

Average stipend: 7000-10000 INR

2. NoSql

NoSql is a disruptive technology that has changed the way data is stored on the web by making it faster and more efficient. Most of the leading social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, use a NoSql database in the backend. There are a number of NoSql databases such as MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis, and Cassandra, to name a few.

Associated Roles: Web Developer and Database Administrator

Average Stipend: 8000-10000 INR

3. HTML 5 

HTML is a markup language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web and a core technology of the Internet. HTML 5 brings a lot more power to the client side i.e. the browser. All latest browsers now support HTML 5.

Associated Role: Front End developer

Average Stipend: 8000-10000 INR


The LAMP consisting of Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP is a software bundle which is used to support web application servers. The fact that they are all open source technologies make them a great combination to work with. The LAMP stack always remains hot. If this technology is something you know then you open yourself up to a lot of opportunities.

Associated Role: Web Developer

Average Stipend: 8000-10000 INR

5. Android Developer

Developing Android applications is comparatively easier to learn and implement. A good lesson on OOPS and JAVA along with some good time spent on exploring the Android SDK can definitely add a lot to your skill set.

Associated Role: Android App Developer

Average Stipend: 10000-14000 INR


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