Top Colleges | These colleges have groomed their campus for overall education

Top Colleges | These colleges have groomed their campus for overall education

With the initiatives of making education better in India, these colleges have upgraded their infrastructure. Let's read which top colleges have taken the step.


Top Colleges
New Delhi: Colleges have upgraded their facilitates (getmyuni)

Schools are off, Colleges are on. The Spring season is witnessing the College Counseling process all over India. The good news is, these colleges are striving hard to upgrade their teaching, infrastructure, campus and everything. Several Colleges in the University of Delhi are upping their infrastructure.

What is the Situation?

What calls for this action is the need for repairs in the respective campuses. Especially for the case of Daulat Ram college where classroom roofs were crumbling down. Deen Dayal Upadhyay College has switched to a new campus stretched over 11.5 acres of land. The principal, S K Garg, said it had only been eight months since they moved to the new campus and a lot of work was still under progress. “But now, with more space, we have new hostel blocks and accommodation for the faculty. Our campus is eco-friendly – it has an in-house sewage treatment plant and a rainwater harvesting system, and we are planning to set up a composting plant. Our solar panels are being installed,” he said.

The new building contains its own lab to conduct research, for which Rs 3 crore has been allotted. One of the most enticing parts of the campus is the library. “It escalates over three floors, 10,000 square feet each, complete with an e-resource centre,” said Garg. The e-resource centre will give access to a range of online journals, including the best like the Oxford and Cambridge publications.

Further, the battered condition of Daulat Ram College building led to a number of roof collapses, which forced the management to finally earmark funds for its renovation. At present, a part of the college is verboten for students because of the construction work, but most parts of the building are ready with smart classes and hi-tech science labs. Principal Savita Roy said the work was carried out in phases so that the college kept running.”We managed to create a lot more space and rooms on the campus because of this construction work, which can now accommodate more students and activity centres,” she stated. The old canteen has been converted into an auditorium, while the canteen has been relocated outdoors. Along with that, classrooms have been revamped with new desks and chairs, tiled floor, stronger roof and smart boards with projectors.

Similarly, Hansraj College has upgraded its facilities. An added yoga room and a gym count for their initiative to spread fitness awareness amongst students. “We have also renovated our auditorium and constructed another seminar hall.CCTVs are also being installed,” said Rama Sharma, principal of the college. The campus will also house a creche for the kids of employees. However, Sharma said the college is falling short of funds. “Till now we had been using UGC funds for renovation costs, but we are slowly going low on funds. I have made several requests to all stakeholders for generation of funds,” she said.

Ram Lal Anand college too has expanded its library and added an elevator to the college for the physically challenged; making the campus barrier free. Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College has added two seminar halls, a conference room and a new floor with 14 classrooms.”Several other academic and sports facilities have been added,” said Gyantosh Jha, principal of ARSD.

These infrastructural upliftments are aimed at making colleges better. Let’s see how this step helps in the betterment of those involved. Let us know your views in the comments. You might also like:

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