Looking for a chance to shine? Top Fashion Internships in India

Looking for a chance to shine? Top Fashion Internships in India

If fashion is what you breathe, check out our list of top fashion internships in India. Read on to know more about your dream career!



If you ever found yourself fantasising about Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe from Sex in the City, you are undeniably a fashionista. You drooled whenever you saw Blair Waldorf and Serena Vander Woodsen’s glamorously modish outfits. And you couldn’t stop thinking about how Jenny Humphrey took over as the uber chic couturier– if you ever watched Gossip Girl. 

For all the fashion mongers out there, here is a way to get internships in this fabulously fabulous industry! Fashion Internships generally don’t pay your bills. What they offer is the experience and that is the best of all! As Carrie once confessed to sleeping hungry, but not without a Vogue. So, if you also have a splendid sartorial sense, read on to find about the top fashion Internships in India and how to score them.


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A fabulous Fashion Internship at AND (typepad)

a.k.a House of Anita Dongre. AND runs as a venture that produces designs which are an impressive fusion of something traditional and yet modish. It also has another setup called  Global Desi that is a blend of everything in fashion with boho-look. Keen on interning with Anita Dongre? Send your resume to career@houseofanitadongre.com.

ITC Wills Lifestyle

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Wills Lifestyle (nrinews24x7)

If not a designer, you can work as an intern for a design house like Wills Lifestyle. Wills Lifestyle has plenty of stores in different cities which offer internships in various domains. But for your stylish soul, apply for an internship with Wills Lifestyle to learn the nuances of fashion.

W- W for Woman

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W for Women, F for Fashion (appleblossommy)

Established and nurtured to provide fashion in a modern retail environment to Indian women, W justifies its brand value and services! Score a fashion internship at this glorious store and be ready to establish your stylish self.


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Fashion Design Internships (career.webindia123)

There are 76 Pantaloons stores in 44 cities all across India. This retail chain offers Summer Internships which are aimed at providing a brilliant exposure to the aspiring designers. Apply to one of the top fashion internships at Pantaloons.

Pankaj & Nidhi

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Embroider your fashion fantasies! (wordpress)

This fashionable couple is celebrated for their crisp and fresh designs. Their designs speak for their value- perfectly crafted and ideated. Good news is they offer internships to aspiring candidates. Get your fashion freak on by trying to score a place, as everyone wants to get enrolled! Hurry.

Tip: All fashion designers, fashion houses readily offer internships but mainly on recommendations. If you do not have a firm recommendation, the best way to get a fashion internship is by emailing your resume along with a request letter or directly contacting the designers. You can also contact your college placement and training cell if you happen to have a degree from a fashion institute.

Other than these, you can also aim to scout fashion internships in companies like Chumbak, Bewakoof.com, Nappa Dori etc if designing is your dream. Feed your phenomenally fashionable soul and keep dreaming! You may never know when it is your turn to witness a cult- like following for your label!

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