Top Paid Internships In Kolkata

Top Paid Internships In Kolkata


internships in Kolkata


We are back with our internship updates and this time it’s the city of joy, Kolkata, that we will talk about.

Doing internships in Kolkata might not be something everyone suggests of, but it is one of a kind experience, not only in professional terms but as per personal experiences as well.

The city is jolly and provides a good mood to work in; given you can bear the summer, everything else is cool. From puchkas to rasogullas, there are many things that can make your stay in Kolkata a memorable one.

So, back to point, here are top paid internships in Kolkata, you cannot afford to miss:



It is a golden opportunity for BBA and MBA students to apply for an internship at the well-known insurance firm. The company is offering winter internships in finance, marketing management, and team development.

The internship is well-paid and you also have other incentives according to your performances. You can apply directly through Lets Intern.



Medwick- Digital Marketing

Medwik is a new generation platform making use of best in mobile and web technology to make sure that you get wellness to your doorstep. The company is offering paid internships in Kolkata for students with Photoshop, SEO, and digital marketing capabilities.

Application deadline is near, so hurry up!



Fairfest Media Ltd. – Research Analyst

Fairfest is India’s leading trade show organizer and offers those seeking to participate in trade events the best possible platform for doing business in one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Apart from that, the company is also engaged in incubating technology business for hotel booking platforms.

They are offering paid internships in Kolkata where the interns who can do market research and analyze customer database to increase their clientage. If you are skillful, the internship pays as much as 15000INR per month. You can directly apply from the Lets Intern website.



Live It Beautiful – Content Writing

If you aren’t looking for a high-paying internship and intend to learn and polish your writing skills while just managing the pocket money, here’s the opportunity for you. The company pays per article and you need to submit your work on time, all creative and plagiarism free.

If you think the shoe fits you, apply now by registering at



Fricket Live – QA Engineer

The company majorly involves in sports gaming and transportation. They are looking out for candidates to help test web and mobile applications as end users and try and look for bugs and errors, to make the gaming experience better for the actual customers.

Isn’t it an exciting internship to be a part of? What’s more? They are offering a stipend of up to Rs. 20000 for the given role.



Anthroplace Consulting Pvt. Ltd. – Human Resource Recruiter

For students in HR, it is an exciting opportunity to do a full-time internship that’s closest to their future job as an intern. The interns hired by the company will be engaged in data-mining, handling and communicating directly with clients, and end to end recruiting.

The company is a 16 years old firm offering internships in Kolkata. It operates in India as well as many south-east Asian markets.




Why internships in Kolkata or even any other place for that matter? We would say try it and you will know how experiencing the work culture of a different city helps you in ways more than one.

It not only works as a break from your from the monotony of life but also teaches you many things which a used-to city might not.

So, come out of your comfort zones and apply for the relevant internships available in Kolkata now!