Travel Internships | ‘Find Yourself’ in these Travel Companies

Travel Internships | ‘Find Yourself’ in these Travel Companies

Set your Hobo-Heart on fire with the thrill of wandering all around the globe with these travel internships. Peruse through to go the distance!


Bon Voyage (aifsabroad)
Bon Voyage (aifsabroad)

If we were meant to be held at one place our feet should have been roots and we would have been trees. But we are not! We shall live deeper and go farther. If you are a nemophile with a sheer fondness of woods or a beach bum or someone who loves to manoeuvre their hearts (and feet) around, go for travel internships!

Say hello to the hiker in your soul with these top travel internships. 

1. Hoboist is a functioning startup which has a website dedicated to affordable travelling and showcasing enriched details about the explorations involved. The website features content viewed with the perspective of the traveller.

2. The Friendship On Wheels

A startup based on event planning and youngsters media. They are looking for interns who are enthusiastic about travelling so that they can change the outlook of the travelling industry. In the case, you are looking for summer internships in 2017, and careers in travel, FOW is the one for you. 

3. eChutti

If you are looking for quick ways to bank some money while you can satiate your wanderlust, eChutti is the perfect company to intern for. Promotional activities, marketing campaigns and event coordination are some of the tasks offered to the ambassador.

4. Travellanders

The main objective is to showcase several activities from the journey itinerary that can be done in one day by the tourist. They are looking for interns who can take up digital marketing, web marketing and have the skills of search engine optimisation.

5. Cotraveller Inc.

This company is based out of Jaipur which offers paid internships. If you are keen on interning for Travel Companies In India, you can go for this. Careers in Cotraveller.Inc can prove to be propitious for you because they not only offer experiences but also give you a new perspective on life.

6. Roads Less Travelled

With a passion for culture and adventure, Roads Less Travelled is a Delhi based startup. The travel experience is promoted by marketing. The intern needs to be proactive in terms of digital marketing and handling several social media accounts of this company. 

7. GoMissing Expeditions

This travel company is looking for interns who have a zealot to take initiative, zest to get things going and independence during working of projects. Internships in GoMissing can turn into a job if your travel mania gets to fit in the company’s best interests.

8. Travelista India

Unlike the others, this company is looking for an enthusiastic team which can make the travel experience enriching. The team members should have a hankering for the thrill. Careers in Travelista India will indulge you into a fancy discovery of fabulous cuisines, music, culture and photography. 

9. January the Fourteenth

This unconventionally named company aims to focus on mountain climbing on the mighty Himalayas. They require a blogger or a content writer who can work and travel with passion and enthusiasm. The intern must be able to offer work based on SEO and an equal participation in activities.

10. is a social media based company which organises tours and trips. Wetravelsolo internships can prove to be a healthy way to nurture your nomadic gene as it promises to proffer the perspective you need to work as a professional globetrotter!

Basically, there are a lot of perks when you intern for a travel company. You get to explore the outer world, experience the uniqueness of Nature in the oddities. Everyone looks for experiences, a new social circle and a wide thriving outlook toward life in a job. Landing an internship in one of the above companies will be a splendid chance– even if you have to go the aberrant way!




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