Understanding Careers: How To Be A Social Media Wizard?

Understanding Careers: How To Be A Social Media Wizard?

Learn the in(s) and out (s) of social media and (poof!) showcase your digital talent as a social media wizard.


Social Media Wizard
Social Media Wizard: That’s how you do it!

A wizard must know all wizardry! As a social media wizard, you must know all the tips and tricks to play with social media. If you are a whizz with social media and all the platforms which can be utilised to brand a company digitally, you are already a good wizard.

“Apparently wizards poke their noses in everywhere!”

When J.K Rowling stated this, she didn’t mean it for the social media managers. But, taking a little piece of advice won’t do harm. So, let us explore the tips and tricks that you can put up to become a successful social media wizard.

Eat Your Graphics

A social media wizard must know that it is all about what is displayed. Do not ever forget that your audience is a visual being. And anything that is visually pleasing will get you more likes, shares and subscribers!

Play With Words

You as a social media wizard will have to have a way with words! You don’t have to pen down magical words but anything that puts your message across well shall do! Afterall, communication is the key.

Please Your Audience At The Magic Show

Remember it is your audience that can make or break your act. So, keep in mind the needs and expectations of your client as well as your audience.

Understand The Godly Rules Of SEO

As a social media manager, SEO is one of the godly rules you have to follow. Have a solid understanding of what should go online, when and how. You must also understand how the reach, ranking and engagement work. It is no magic after all! Just google analytics! 😉

Don’t Forget Your Spells

 All the social media channels you use to stage your magic are your spells! Prepare yourself to be well versed with those! For example, where do people go to announce their usual updates? Know your Facebook. Where does everyone go to watch videos online? Be well versed with the branding and promotion modules on YouTube. Likewise, know your portals and you could be the best! Be proficient in working with different platforms like Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Reddit, Quora, StumbleUpon etc.

What are you waiting for! Go on, cast your spell and be a good social media manager! You may also want to read this to know what exactly does a social media executive do?

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