Understanding Careers| What does a campus ambassador do?

Understanding Careers| What does a campus ambassador do?


Campus ambassadors are not just called in to deliver selfies and likes! (Image: Sony Xperia promotion)
Campus ambassadors are not just called in to deliver selfies and likes! (Image: Sony Xperia promotion)

While going through summer internships in 2017, you would have invariably come across mentions of working on your own time, serving as a campus ambassador. And wonder – what’s that about?

What is a campus ambassador?

A campus ambassador is a student, who gains work with a company as a student liaison, primarily aimed at increasing awareness or brand engagement. You may be hired to increase thought leadership pieces (write marketing content), do engagement activities (promote the company, brands, products, services) or even test products and give feedback.

Why do you need a campus ambassador?

The marketing team in any organisation aims to build brand awareness and achieve engagement in the college segment, as a way to both build direct sales and measure audience perception. Doing this a complete paid activity, either through an agency or company employees may not provide the kind of results they wish for.

Enter campus ambassadors. Students chosen for the role from different colleges belong to this subset, are thought to possess the right network and can conduct activities and events within the campus environment. They fulfil all marketing KRAs in the minimum time required.

What are the competencies/skills required?

Generally, a campus ambassador needs to possess the following qualities:

  1. Decent communication skills – written and verbal
  2. Good network – within the campus and with companies
  3. Social media presence
  4. Time management skills
  5. Deadline and work-oriented profile

What does a campus ambassador do?

A gamut of jobs fall under the ‘campus ambassador’ umbrella – including digital marketing, business promotion, running activities as promoters, gathering research data and others.

A campus ambassador’s position is often a paid gig, with the opportunity to continue further, as a full-time employee or intern. You also receive promotion goodies and products, working for the brand around a flexible schedule. You also receive practice on several core skills – ability to plan, mass communication, time management and the like.

As an internship, a campus ambassadorship provides a complete set of work experiences, which can be added to your resume as well as prepare you for corporate life. That’s what a recent intern learned during her internship stint as one at PopXo.

Interested? Hope we have fuelled a spark towards becoming a campus ambassador. You could look up summer internships in 2017, which require people in the position, an active board on our website these months.