‘Understood essence of Engineering with an Internship in IIT Guwahati’

‘Understood essence of Engineering with an Internship in IIT Guwahati’

In his own words, Parag shares his experience of an internship in IIT Guwahati - and how it helped him understand the very essence of engineering.


Parag Pandey's experience of an internship in IIT Guwahati.
Parag Pandey’s experience of an internship in IIT Guwahati.

Keen on research or projects? Well, then you can depend on these two pursuits to get an internship with a difference – just like our intern of the day, Parag Pandey. Pandey, a B.Tech graduate from Northern India Engineering College, Delhi did just that. Here, in his own words, Parag shares his experience of an internship in IIT Guwahati – and how it helped him understand the very essence of engineering.

Intern – Parag Pandey (Northern India Engineering College)

Internship – IIT Guwahati (mentored under Prof Manmohan Pandey)

Often when men come across the sea of knowledge, some try to swim, some drown, while some stand at the shore pondering over the depth of the sea. Deprivation of opportunities is the shore that scales down the potential of men to swim. My internship stood somewhere in the middle of the sea of knowledge and that shore.

It all started when Internship websites became my diving instructors.

Keeping aside my creative visualisations, my internship at IIT Guwahati is something that is to be cherished in the coming years of my professional life. Out of the four internships, IIT Guwahati was the best of all. It was a one time opportunity for a person like me who only dreamed to be a part of the IITs of this country.

Finding an Internship in IIT Guwahati:

While looking for internships on engineering, I came across an internship call from IIT Guwahati. I was ready to grab this opportunity – clicking on the link, without any second thoughts. It displayed a Google form wherein, in addition to my college details, I was supposed to fill particulars such as my skills on various softwares, my interests, my achievements etc.

Over and above that, I was also given the option of choosing the professor under whom I would have to pursue my internship. My inclination was towards Fluid mechanics and hence, after reviewing the faculty of the college through the website, I choose Dr. Manmohan Pandey as my mentor and filled his name in the form.

Getting the Internship

Submitting the form by April 7, I got a confirmation email and call four days later from Shahnawaz Ahmed, a Research scholar at IITG. Gladly, I said yes.

After many confirmations, I was informed that the final list of shortlisted students would be put up on the college website. The list was uploaded and I was one of the 5 students who was selected by Dr Manmohan Pandey himself as his interns in Department of Mechanical Engineering. Receiving accommodation at the college hostel, I was to join the internship by June 10.

The Internship experience

I flew from Delhi to Guwahati immediately after my end semester examination. At the first stance, I felt disconnected from the city. It was too quiet a city for a Delhiite. It was a weekend so I had ample amount of time to force myself to become comfortable with everything.

Welcomed by Dr Manmohan and Shahnawaz Ahmed (my guide), I was immediately given research papers to work on. This was not just research work; they were masterpieces of scientists who had devoted their lives to mechanical engineering.

I spent my first week working on these papers. My research specifically pertained to ‘Microchannel Heat Exchanger’. I also had to frequently visit the professor for clarifications and additional work.

Living in Guwahati:

Amidst this, I never got the chance to realise when I started liking the place. The hostel room allotted to me was far better than what I expected. I had never forgotten about Delhi this much.

It was a no-complaints, no-demands relationship with the campus. The campus had everything. It was as much as ours as it was for its own students. We were given complete access to the library and the CAD lab. It was a very comfortable environment.

At times, when the research got onto my nerves, I took out some hours to gallivant around the city and nearby areas along with my co-interns. Kamakhyadevi Mandir was beautiful. I enjoyed devoting a couple of hours to spirituality over there. The Brahmaputra River was mesmerising.

Learning on the job:

In the absence of Dr Pandey, Mr Shahnawaz Ahmed contacted us frequently for any kind of clarifications or help that we needed while working on the allotted research papers.

In my second week I also got the chance to attend seminars and workshops wherein PhD scholars presented their research work before a panel of professors and faculty members. During the last two weeks I spent my time preparing an analysis report of the papers I read.

By the time I submitted the research, I had learnt so much about the field.

My concepts about the subject had never been so clear. Over and above this, I was acquainted with new concepts and dimensions of the field which were enlightening.

One month was over and I was much more than what I was when I had just stepped in the city. Before I left, I made sure I thanked everyone who helped me through this internship. I left the city on July 16.

How to Apply For this Internship

This internship in IIT Guwahati was not a paid internship and a basic minimum was charged from the student for his accommodation and food (Rs 25 per day for hostel, meals charged individually). This is also not a job-oriented internship – it’s an engineering internship for 3rd-year students, who have completed their sixth-semester exams.

If you’re keen to pursue it, then this what you need to do:

  • The college regularly releases notices of summer internships (February-March) and winter internships on their website (check regularly). The research topic is mentioned alongside.
  • You can apply and choose the professor with whom you wish to work. (Parag chose Professor Pandey after a fair bit of research).
  • Keep Checking to see if you make the shortlist.
  1. While searching for the internship for mechanical engineer I
  2. IITG release an advertisement/notice for the summer internship on their website in the month of february-march.
  3. It was not a paid internship and you have to pay the hostel accommodation(which is 25rs per day) fee and mess fee(25for breakfast, 40rs for lunch and same for dinner) by yourself. But everyone was very supportive and I got to learn a lot in 35 days there. No,you don’t get any job opportunity here because it’s summer research internship for 3rd year students..
  4. They release a notice about the research field and professor who are working for that research.According to your interest you can choose the research topic and professor under whom you want to work.
  5. If someone wants to apply then he/she have to check regularly the notice for the summer internship (In the month of february-march for summer internship). They have to apply by filling a google document and choose according to their interest and as result will be announced and you get you name there contact the professor as soon as possible.

Edited by: Vidhi Gaur