Featured Internship Story | “I was given a lot of opportunities and...

Featured Internship Story | “I was given a lot of opportunities and freedom to share my views.” – Valay Chawhan, Management Trainee, VLCC.


I had the wonderful opportunity to work in the HR Department of a well-known organization – VLCC Personal Care, as the Management Trainee, where I was handed over the project of ‘Recruitment and Selection at VLCC – Streamline HR Operations.’

On the very first day, of my full-time internship at VLCC, I hired an auto from my place and managed to reach my destination 5 minutes earlier. I was very much excited, but a bit nervous too and spent my time in waiting room, going through what the organization stands for, what contributions I couldn’t wait to make as an intern, and more detailed data which I intended to present to the HR, whom I was supposed to be meeting with shortly. I was soon approached by Ms. Payal Kumar, the HR Manager, VLCC who welcomed me with to the company, and notified me that she was to be my project mentor as well. The rest of the day went by, with me going through the general procedures of an Induction Program, and was also introduced to the employees I’d be seeing everyday for the next 8 weeks of my internship.

I, being a mechanical engineer, have always been accustomed to working in a workshop, till I’m tired and worn out, however, after joining VLCC, this changed a bit. VLCC has a very good ambiance, and work environment. There are Espresso machines that are made available at every corner of the office, which you can use whenever you feel sleepy or need a break from of continuous work.

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Though I was a management trainee, I was given a lot of opportunities and freedom to share my views. I got a lot of hands on experience in HR operations and on how recruitment and human resource practices are carried out in the respective software used by an organization. I was actively involved in various activities which helped me to understand how to interact with people and increased my confidence level.

Every employee had been allotted a predefined role in the process. For me, the high point was that, I made my contribution by identifying the areas where the company was lagging, where improvement was needed, what the activities were not performed and could be carried out  in the pace as to streamline the operations.

Valay Chawhan is pursuing his MBA in Operations and Marketing from IIM, Kashipur.

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