Value of a Letter of Recommendation From Your Internship

Value of a Letter of Recommendation From Your Internship


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Summer internships are already underway for most students, and it is the time to make the most of them.  Many of you will have a set of documents to get signed from your internships regarding completion of the college internship and feedback. Out of those, there is a critical document that will define your internship success and help you in your career – the letter of recommendation.

It is a document that is written by your mentor or manager at your college internship and will highlight –

  • your work and achievements
  • The value you brought to the company
  • If you have any weaknesses

However, the letter of recommendation is not given to everyone; you will have to ask for it!

If you want a great letter of recommendation, then you have to put in the hard work from day one of the internship.

But, if you think you are too shy to ask for the letter or you think it won’t be useful in the future, here are some reasons why the letter of recommendation is valuable and you must have it when leaving your internship –


  1. Validation from industry

A letter of recommendation is written by your reporting manager or the HR manager of the company where you did your college internship. This manager is likely a professional who has put in years of work experience, and their word carries a lot of weight.

Your future recruiters will give more importance to what an industry professional has to say about you than your professor or teacher. This is because an industry professional knows the kind of job skills that are required for professional success; unlike professors who are keen on technical knowledge.

Thus, a letter of recommendation acts as validation or recognition from the industry.


  1. An advantage over your peers

A majority of students have internships on their resume because most colleges have made it compulsory to do an internship in the final year of college. But, not all internships are great.

Either it is a nominal internship, where there is no work, or students just do a project to show on the resume.

A letter of recommendation indicates to the future recruiter that you have actually done a college internship. Not all internships give their interns a letter of recommendation, and when you get one, you can use it as an advantage over your classmates and peers!


  1. Highlights skills and unique talents

A resume is like boasting about yourself to your future recruiter but attaching a letter of recommendation from your internship manager is getting someone else to vouch for you.

The letter will include a summary of the work you did and how it impacted your work. It will also include all your talents and how that contributed to the company operations/projects.

It is an excellent document that you can use to show how your skills can be put to use in a real-life business situation.


  1. Help in increasing job prospects

A letter of recommendation is like a special weapon in your arsenal. It will help you distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd and show your unique and best side to your future recruiter.

Attaching it to your resume will help you increase your job prospects, as you will be assured of at least getting a personal interview.


  1. Assist in applications for higher education 

All these reasons might only hint towards a future career where you will be doing a job after graduation. However, a letter of recommendation from your college internship is also useful in applications for higher education courses like MBA.

The letter will include information about your aptitude for certain skills and your attitude, which will help increase your chances for selection in a college.


As you can see a letter of recommendation from your internship is useful no matter which path you take, job or higher studies. Combine this letter with an impressive resume and you will be assured of a chance at personal interviews. For latest internship updates, keep checking