Virtual Help To Make Academic Life Easier: College Diaries

Virtual Help To Make Academic Life Easier: College Diaries

IIT Kharagpur is taking the virtual way to fill the college diaries of its student with the best of colours.


IIT Kharagpur is going the Moodle way to make things easier for fresher students.
IIT Kharagpur is going the Moodle way to make things easier for fresher students.

Indian Institute of Technology- Kharagpur has come up with a unique way to prepare its first year students. Making full use of the virtual world, IIT Kharagpur has introduced its Moodle platform for fresher students.

Knowing Moodle

The idea behind the introduction of Moodle is to make the students familiar with the lectures, experiments, and classes even before the actual classes start. After coming to IIT Kharagpur, students can check their mail box for a mail from the Moodle support centre and click on it to create an account.

This account will allow them unlimited access to the online platform and go through the video clips and course materials uploaded by teachers. This will help the students get an idea of the topics beforehand and understand about the lab experiments even before they enter the labs.

IIT Kharagpur is already going out of its way to ease the pressure on new students waiting to write their college diaries. A 9-days long induction program is being held to make the students familiar with the mechanics of an IIT.

Virtual learning and grading

Every year nearly 1400 students enter IIT Kharagpur. Since during the first year all the students are introduced to a basic one-for-all class, Moodle can help the teachers manage academic activities easily.

Since Moodle provides a secure, robust and integrated system, teachers can use it to give assignments and students can easily upload their assignments on the Moodle platform. Not only that, teachers can also use it to conduct online quizzes, assort questions according to each student and expedite the evaluation process.

Moodle’s software can also help evaluate MCQs within minutes and declare results instantly.

Students and teachers from IIT Kharagpur are making full use of Moodle to get and make familiar with at least 18 courses in each semester. Moodle is not a new platform, but it is the first time it is being used to ease the stress of new students and prepare them for life and studies in IIT Kharagpur.

IIT Kharagpur is a big name. However, the job market has not been keeping steady for the past few years. So, wherever you go and whichever college you take admission in, remember to start building your career from the word go. Do as many summer and winter internships as you can. Through the rest of the semester opt for virtual internships. There are ample internship platforms like Letsintern that can help you in your cause and make the pages of your college diaries interesting.