Waiting for CBSE Class 12 results 2017? 7 Outrageous things you are...

Waiting for CBSE Class 12 results 2017? 7 Outrageous things you are bound to face

24 May 2017 is going to be one hell of a day. At least for all the class 12 students anticipating CBSE Class 12 results 2017. Let's read what shenanigans this day withholds.


CBSE Class 12 results 2017
Are you Result Ready? ūüėČ

The news channels and papers are fervently breaking down the news that CBSE Class 12 results 2017¬†will be declared on 24 May 2017. Whether the results will be actually declared or not and what fate your computer screens will hold, only 24 May 2017 can tell. Every year, there are plenty of bizarre things that India hears whenever results are out. And every 12thee knows how cringeworthy certain odd episodes can be. Let’s get familiar with some– who knows what you will face tomorrow! ūüėČ

1. The topperРSharma Ji ka Ladla 

giphy (28)

There is always going to be one such student who scores unrealistic numbers! Well, for those who have a hard time in studies a.k.a the flop(pers) know it’s damn unrealistic to score 99.99%! Unless you are Sukriti Gupta, capable of scoring 99.4% this is an oddity that you need to cope with.

How to cope: Stop giving a thought to it and on this day welcome all the “acceptance” you have. There will always be a Sukriti Gupta/ M Gayatri, sucking all the footage and happiness right out of you. But, hey! this is not the end of your life. So, keep calm and move on.

P.S All the Sukriti(s) and M Gayatri(s)– kudos to you! And Congratulations for acing CBSE Class 12 results and our list of oddities to cope with. ūüėČ

2. The Pretentious Well Wishers– The Relatives

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This day makes them remember the blood bond they have with you! All of a sudden their roots drive them to you, only to get insights into your CBSE Class 12 results 2017. If they have an offspring who is also waiting for CBSE Class 12 results 2017, it takes them one second to go from well-wishers to dementors! And if you happen to be the one with the less percentage, get ready to get your happiness sucked. At least for the next whole year.

How to cope: As I just mentioned, get ready for your happiness to be slayed. Yes, that is all that you can do. Even if you scored less than their “Kittu or Sunny”, just do not let it bother you way too much. For life will give you plenty chances to get your happiness game on point!

3. The Pyare Padosi 

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The ones who literally “watched” you grow up. On 24 May, they will out of nowhere don the role of your super pretentious well- wishers. They might themselves be totally uneducated and illiterate or might have scored 2nd or 3rd division in their time. But they will not let you breathe an easy sigh of relief, until and unless you scored 99.99%. They are hungry for your percentage and nothing will let them ever be satiated.

How to cope: BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT. Period.

4. That One Teacher

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I know you all are nodding your heads in affirmation on this. There is always that particular teacher who will give you a snarky remark as you finish school. Unless you were the one he/she used to pat. You can anticipate their comment as you go and break the news of your CBSE 2017 percentage.

How to cope: Zip your lip and accept. Chant in your head ” Haters gonna hate, but this ain’t my permanent fate,¬†mate!”.

5. The Pressure Cooker

giphy (32)

Better known as your friend circle. Yes, we are talking about the kind of peer pressure everyone goes through, just to cross that fine line to become the best, the leader, the cool one etc. The results are going to be out soon, and plenty of you will find yourselves competing with your BFFs. That’s okay but do not let that zeal make your friendship suffer.

How to cope: If you happen to score less, remember this is one of the numerous tests you took. There is more to come. Also, if you happen to score more, remember this is one of the numerous tests you aced. There are more chances for each one of you.

6. My dearest Family

giphy (33)

Only such days let the Indian households become the plot for the next GOT episode– eh, minus the incest! Duh. When you happen to not meet their expectations, your entire family is planning to voraciously eat you at dinner and they have probably done it in their heads. Your siblings try to demean you and take away your “throne”– in the case you are the elder one. If you happen to be the younger one, you mother would not stop chanting your elder’s name and this is the insult she is offering, as dessert!

How to cope:¬†Take it easy, that’s the policy. Let the board fever fade away and try finding a decent college to minimise the damage.

7. Pappu Pass Ho Gaya 

giphy (37)

Lastly– literally and figuratively. There is always a candidate for whom the storm is now calm, as it was really tough to get over with CBSE 2017. And if you can relate to almost all the up and above-mentioned oddities, you are Pappu. But the good news is, Pappu also scores passing marks in CBSE Class 12 results 2017. That’s the beauty of CBSE. :’)

How to cope: Pappu pretty much is aware of all cope up mechanisms. Good luck.

I think not caring too much about everything is the only solution to every Indian problem. Trust me, it’s your life and only you should manage it. But, this doesn’t imply you should entirely waste your life and play “mah life..mah rulezz..“. That’s annoying. The crux is, when it’s just 24 hours left for your CBSE Class 12 results 2017¬†to be declared, all you can do is chill. Relax, no matter what will happen tomorrow. Remember, nothing can be done now and suicide is never the answer.

I hope you all get an all clear pass with desirable marks! Let us know your views in the comments. You might also like:

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