We built an app in 12 days. Here’s how we did it....

We built an app in 12 days. Here’s how we did it. | by Sonaal Bangera, UX Designer and Co-founder – NFN Labs.


This article was first published on Medium by Sonaal Bangera. He’s a Designer, and came up with the idea and design for Screeny (iOS), thetopfives.net and @GetDemonstrate. He also run @nfnlabs and @kabadiconnect.

80% of us forget to drink enough water at regular intervals. You would say there are so many apps that do this already! True, but it’s not about who did it… but who did it best. So we attempted to build a functional and elegant water reminder. Obviously future versions will have more enhanced features but this is how we rolled out version 1 in 12 days.

Day 1 to 3:

This was for design decisions and prototyping. After the initial white boarding and planning possible set of features, we decided to work on the core workflow.

The core use case for version 1 — remind a person to drink water at regular intervals and make it super easy to track water intake.

Easy on-boarding — We wanted to know what is your average wake up and sleep time, so that the reminders come at the right time based on the number of glasses.

Visualising water intake levels — Hello sine waves. This was where maximum of the prototyping effort went. Creating an water effect that is playful and also conveys your intake level. The prototypes were created on xcode.

Once we got the desired effect we just had to figure out how to map it to the number of glasses and drink sizes.

Gratification — Wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate your daily goal achievements. Sparkly? Yes.

Tracking the habit — One of the essential parts of the core use case was the ability to track your habits and to give multiple options to do that easily.

  1. Opening the app and tapping on the tick mark.
  2. ‘Swipe up’ to undo an action.
  3. Actionable notifications on the phone (as well as the watch).

Day 4 to 10

Post the design/prototyping phase, it was actual build time. Since we got the base ready during the prototyping phase, the major functions we needed to solve in this phase were:

  1. Making sure the water level moves up and down based on the number of pending glasses and drink size.
  2. Setting up push notifications.
  3. A chart visualising your water intake for the last 2 weeks.
  4. Data points for each month clearly marking i) when you met your daily goals, ii) when your intake was less than 50% of the daily goal and iii) when did you change (increase/decrease) your set goal.
  5. Settings screen to manage goal settings.

Day 11 & 12:

Last two days was spent on polishing the app, setting up sharing and the feedback mechanism in the app (more on this soon), checking push notifications and testing the overall application across different devices.

The end result?

The app was submitted on Feb 19 and approved on Feb 24.

Download the app? We put a lot of heart into it!
While the app is live we are working on version 2 which includes a watch app, health kit integration and much more. For more updates you can follow our twitter handle @nfnlabs.




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