Top 5 websites to sell your photographs, illustrations and videos on!

Top 5 websites to sell your photographs, illustrations and videos on!


The online world is all about being visually stunning to attract the user’s attention to any product. You can help fill the demand for beautiful images and videos and make money at the same time.

Once your contribution is accepted in a stock photo library, it has the potential to make money for you for years to come. You also have the option of becoming an exclusive contributor for a specific website to earn more royalties or to submit your images to multiple websites in the hopes of selling more.
Here are 5 top websites you should check out:

istockphoto logo

1. iStockPhoto

iStockPhoto is one of the most popular sites stock photography, illustration, audio and video clips. Because of its popularity, it sets high standards for the images it accepts. To become a contributor, you need to pass a quiz and submit 3 samples of your best work. You start by earning 15% for each file download, and can earn up to 45% if you become an exclusive contributor. The site also provides a handy list of images it is looking to add to its library.

alamy logo

2. Alamy

Alamy boasts the world’s largest collection of stock photos, vectors and footage. It pays contributors 50% royalty, the largest of the major stock photo sites. Like iStock, you need to pass a screening test by sending your best 4 images when you sign up.

Alamy doesn’t force you to give exclusive image rights, meaning you can sell your images at other sites too. The site also has strong relationship with the media industry for news photos – so if you are on the scene of a newsworthy event, submit a quality photo early.

dreamstime logo3. Dreamstime

Dreamstime offers a sliding scale of 25-60% of royalty depending on how many times your photo is downloaded. Sign up and send them samples to get started. If you are exclusive photographer with Dreamstime, then you would enjoy 60% of royalty.

fotolia logo4. Fotolia

Fotolia also offers a sliding scale based on your ranking from 20% to 63% if you are exclusive. It does not require you to submit sample photos, although all images need to be approved first before it is published. In addition, you can also sign up to be a logo designer and earn additional income.

canstockphoto logo5. Canstockphoto

You can earn 50% royalty from Canstockphoto. It boasts the fastest submission system available. You can upload hundreds of images at once with a few clicks without having to tag or enter more information. Approvals often happen on the same day versus 48 hours that the other sites require.

Do you sell stock photography? Which sites would you recommend? Share your tips in the comments!

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