Weekly Spotlight | 5 Indian Start-ups you should know about.

Weekly Spotlight | 5 Indian Start-ups you should know about.


.1. Glassic:
Glassic was founded by Kailash Nichani & Devesh Nichani for the sole reason to sell great quality, fashionable eyewear at affordable prices.

The founders of Glassic spent their formative years in the traditional retail eyewear industry, where the market perception was “good quality and fashionable eyewear comes at a price.” The founders set out to change that perception.

Traditionally, glasses are manufactured, distributed & sold by a handful of major corporations. Because of this, the prices of glasses are artificially high. By designing & manufacturing frames and sunglasses in house and directly selling them online, we can offer good quality fashionable eyewear at an affordable price.

In comparison to the entity that manufactures, distributes & retails 80% of branded eyewear, Glassic designs, manufactures & sells its own eyewear directly online. No distributors or middleman, therefore no redundant costs to be borne by the customer.

HashtagCVBuilder2. HashtagCV:
Hashtagcv, the newly-launched CV builder and editor, has made assembling a professional-looking CV or resume straight-forward and simple. The site boasts an impressive selection of job-specific phrases and templates, all of which can be edited and altered with the aim of making the creation process fun for the user. The premise could not be simpler, but a considerable amount of depth is being delivered through the CV designer, offering varied customisation options to tailor to each occupation.

Chris Butler, CEO and founder of the company states:

“Writing and developing a CV is something every working person has to do at some point in their lives, it’s essential in fact. What we have tried to do here at Hashtag CV is make that process as simple and stress-free as possible, with a great number of customization options available for customers to choose from, which is unrivalled on any other CV creation sites on the market. For an excellent price, we will enable you to find your dream job with ease.”

Currently being developed for the site is a Job Search Aggregator, a feature which will make the laborious process of scrolling through individual job search site listings a thing of the past; the amalgamation of different site listings available in one location will allow the user to view ALL available jobs from a number of sites at once. This function will hopefully change the way people look through vacancies online for the better, saving a great amount of time which would otherwise be wasted scanning hundreds of pages to apply to just one job.

3. Ekmatra:
The industry leading fashion e-Commerce enabler eShopbox has announced its association with Sarvoday Ashram to strengthen the online presence of ‘Ekmatra’, a first of its kind clothing brand using handspun and handwoven fabrics. Sarvoday Ashram, founded in 1952  has chosen eShopbox to handle its end to end online B2C operations and increase market reach of the brand Ekmatra.

Ekmatra Clothing Brannd

Following the Gandhian philosophy of simplicity, Sarvoday Ashram’s Ekmatra finds its roots in an effort of making Handspun & Handwoven fabrics that supports environment, inclusive growth and sustainable development, which is earthy and traditional, the desired clothing with an elegant, classy and fashion appeal. Through this initiative, Sarvoday Ashram would be able to display their apparel and designs and reach out to more people who understand the benefits of these fabrics.

Ekmatra’s positioning – Handspun, Handwoven, Handcrafted will usher in a fashionable avatar of the apparels. eShopbox will have to play a significant role in the brand building and driving the online business end to end for Ekmatra.

Class Fever4. ClassFever:
Imagine standing in line for your child’s admission to a school in the dead-heat of Delhi’s summer, standing amidst a sweaty crowd and imagine the horrors of doing it all over again 4 times during the next week. Now imagine if you could do it all at once, online, in your air-conditioned home/office. Bringing this comfort amongst others is Mumbai based Education Startup ClassFever.

Apart from solving your admission woes, ClassFever also helps Teachers Find and apply for Jobs online while at the same time curates a selection of the best events, competitions and other awesome co-curricular things for young bright minds to fully explore their potentials.

ClassFever today lists more than 3000 schools all across Maharashtra and prides itself in the most relevant, comprehensive & accurate data for parents.

“Based on a variety of factors, we assign events and competitions official ranks which they can use in their corporate communications. We cover MUNs, Debates, Corporate Competitions, Olympiads, Competitive Exams, Social Service Opportunities and basically anything and everything co-curricular for teenagers. Events which wish to register with us can write to us.” says Akshay.

5. StayBazaar:
Staybazar, an online market place for various alternate stay options, announced the expansion to tier 2 and 3 cities and towns across India providing a unique experience for both business, casual & lifestyle travelers by adding new locations at Ujjain, Vadodara, Bhopal, Indore and Rajkot. The company is targeting at 3000 total property listing by end of 2015.

Staybazar Expands To Tier 2 and 3 Cities

Staybazar differentiates from other online travel marketplaces by going beyond traditional hotels and offering much wider options of stay for the demanding travelers including home stays, service apartments, guest houses, theme stays and resorts etc. “There is an increasing demand from corporates beyond traditional business hotels when they travel. We are in the process of revolutionizing the way India stays while they travel,” said Mr Prem Kumar, CEO at Staybazar.

Staybazar is already offering 1421 properties across India. “Presently beyond the large cities alternate stay market is a largely untapped and unorganized sector. Many potential travelers hesitate to travel to the smaller towns in the country and wish for an organized player who can offer secure, cost-effective and amiable stay. Our strength is our unique and detailed process through our virtual offices across the country to pick and choose the best stays for our customers,” Prem Kumar added.





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