Weekly Spotlight | 5 Indian Start-ups you should know about.

Weekly Spotlight | 5 Indian Start-ups you should know about.


1. LocalBanya:

Localbanya was the first player to enter the online grocery market in Mumbai back in 2012. The company which delivers groceries and household needs to customers’ doorsteps is now looking to take the brand to other major metros in the coming three months and starting operations in Pune is the first step in this process. The brand and mascot have been very well received, which is reflected by their database of over 1 lakh customers. A robust print advertising campaign has taken the brand to virtually every Mumbai household. The firm was the first to develop multiple innovative ideas such as offering deliveries up to 11:30 pm. Localbanya currently lists over 14,000 products on its website and does 850 – 900 deliveries a day in Mumbai, with an average cart value of Rs 1400 per order.

Dashboard-1024x5102. MoneyFrog:
It might be an unfortunate fact for Indians that people who need honest financial advice can’t afford the advisors. Most of the advisors for your personal or professional finance planning either come at a high cost which you can’t afford or of low quality which you do not want. To overcome this hassle for themselves and for the masses, Manoj Chahar and Mushtaq Kazifounded their own way out with MoneyFrog in 2013. MoneyFrog is an online dynamic platform, where customers can access and monitor all their investments and life goals at ease and same is supported by a central call-center, managed by qualified professionals, who talk customer’s language. This Mumbai based start-up have gathered a huge customer base within the short span of one and half years . Their initial set of customers had came from two major corporate activities, at Cognizant & JLT group, where currently they have 2000+ registered customers.

Smeam-Online3. Smeam:
Smeam works as a medium for Artistes & Art Institutes to showcase their talent. Art Scouts can search & recruit Artistes according to their requirement. Artistes can also apply for projects according to their requirement. Smeam also provides online ticketing of events pan India and serves as a medium of Knowledge sharing for Art & Entertainment Community. In a short span of around 7 months, as of today, based out of Ahmedabad, Smeam has added 30 plus events, including famous Ruhaniyat (Music Festival), Musicafest, Kadak Badshahi (Play), MTV indies’s Big 69 (Music Concert), Miss Odisha (Beauty Pageant), to its e ticketing , which was launched in November 2014. The number of listed events is approx 2000+ and there are about 100+ articles and videos for all those who believe that learning never ends.

4. PriceTree:
Who’s got time to do the legwork to see if Flipkart has the best price for a particular product? PriceTree.com is an ingeniously simple tool that checks Flipkart prices against over 2,000 other online stores, reporting in seconds whether you should stay at Flipkart or shop elsewhere. And the best thing is it works with any browser and mobile device.

5. CricFi:
CricFi is a comprehensive platform which provides members with solutions, including applications and tools to explore, manage and organize their cricket career. As a website and Internet-based service, it aims to provide a transparent platform that can foster and accelerate the growth of sporting culture in India. It strives to provide features and tools that would help its members in all possible ways to nurture their talent and knowledge.The company offers its members with services like managing and sharing their professional sports identities online, building and engaging with their professional sports network, accessing shared knowledge and insights, and finding/creating sporting opportunities. At its heart, CricFi connects talents with opportunities on a massive scale. Currently CricFi is managing around 500 user’s profiles within 6 months of its launch.



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