Weekly Spotlight | 5 Indian startups you should know about!

Weekly Spotlight | 5 Indian startups you should know about!


12182550_506070622887603_1663867932166780277_o1. Bonhomia:
Preparing the perfect cup of coffee is equal parts science and art, with only the most talented baristas doing justice to the brew. Baristas expertly calibrate the grind, tamp the right amount of coffee into the filter, while keeping a close watch on time, temperature and volume. Trying to do the same at home is almost impossible, besides being a long, laborious and messy process.

To combat this problem, Bonhomia was started in 2014 by Induldge Beverages, and brings to you, delicious espresso coffee and gourmet tea, in a capsule format. They work with expert coffee roasters, and tea sommeliers, who choose the finest beans(or leaves), which are then grounded with precision. A specific quantity is finally packed into capsules, that are then further pouched in a nitrogen flushed overwrap to retain flavour and freshness. So all you really need to do is to pop the capsule into the machine and press the Espresso button to enjoy that fine cup of coffee/tea.

Their never-heard-before capsule format ensure least amount of wastage and every coffee/tea remains as fresh as your first cup, because the entire packet of grounded ingredients is not exposed to moisture, as each coffee capsule is individually sealed.

This concept of capsules is very popular in foreign countries, and was brought to India by a former Investment Banker –  Kunal Bhagat, and XLRI alumni – Tuhin Jain.

Bohomia also raised a funding of $2 Million in April 2015, and recently landed another $500,000 worth of investment.

1.2. Postman:
Bangalore based Postman is a nifty chrome extension that helps you be extremely efficient while working with APIs. With Postman, you can construct requests quickly, save them for later use and analyze the responses sent by the API. Postman can dramatically cut down the time required to test and develop APIs. Postman adapts itself for individual developers, small teams or big organizations equally well.

Founded by Abhinav Asthana, Ankit Sobti, and Abhijit Kane, Postman raised $1 Million funding in October last year by the famous Nexus Venture Partners, and has 2.5 Million users today. This is a second startup for Abhinav, who also founded Teliportme in 2010, from where he quit in 2013. He completed his graduation from BITS, Goa, post which he joined Yahoo as an intern, and worked on his first startup on the side. During his time at Teliportme, he developed Postman, and uploaded it to the Chrome webstore as a free open source REST client.

Once, while speaking to an Engineer based out of Google HQ, Abhinav was surprised to learn that most of the Google Developers were using Postman extensively for their development process. This is when, he decided to give Postman more attention, built a website dedicated to the product, and introduced in-app purchases once the users hit 500,000.

Postman also has an office in Austin.
Oh, and also meet Copper – their pet dog at the Bangalore office.
Just when you thought that brokerages for trading in the financial markets couldn’t get any lower, F6 Finserve has entered the market with ‘F6online’, its innovative offering that promises to revolutionize the industry.

What’s new about F6online? F6online is offering a first of its kinds product in India whereby paying a nominal annual subscription fees anyone can make unlimited trades at absolutely zero brokerage charge throughout the year, and no, there are NO hidden terms and conditions. In fact, if unlimited trades per year wasn’t enough they are also giving free DataWind tablets along with free internet for a year to their clients. In addition to these, the company is also launching a Mock Trading Championship (MTC) where clients can virtually trade on a platform that mimics the real trading platform. The MTC participants will get a virtual wallet of 10 lakh rupees to practice their trading skills before they begin trading in the real world, and the top-ranked players of MTC also stand to win exciting prizes. Where daily and monthly prizes range from 6,666 rupees to Apple MacBooks, they are also giving a mind-boggling annual prize of 51 Lakh rupees.

F6 Finserve has forayed into the online market after establishing itself as the market leader in the offline trading business, where it was setting new benchmarks since its inception in 2007. The online offering will transform the way trading has ever been done in India. The group is headed by Mr. Pankaj Goel, a seasoned stock broker with over 21 years of experience. Mr. Goel believes in making trading affordable and intuitive so that people from all walks of life can trade which will help empower many who feared entering this field either because it was too expensive or too complicated to understand. Apart from the fact that the F6online platform is very easy to use and is customisable, new entrants can learn and practice their skills on the MTC.

F6Online is looking for enthusiatic, and hardworking interns. Click here to apply now!

crayon-data-office4. Crayon:
On a long flight in 2012, two serial entrepreneurs identified a global dilemma: with more product options than ever, why are enterprises and consumers feeling increasingly dissatisfied? Why are traditional enterprises simply unable to engage consumers the way internet-age companies do? It was then that Srikant Sastri and Suresh Shankar decided to take on the challenge of “simplifying the world’s choices”.

Over the years, these two former business school classmates with a 30 year friendship, have built an impressive record of successful exits in the industries of mark eting and digital media, temp staffing and enterprise analytics, which were courted and acquired by global names such as Publicis, Randstad and IBM.

In building the core team, the homework-swapping duo was later joined by a former CTO of Wipro, Ivaturi Vijayakumar. Their team was further enhanced by many younger ex-colleagues and others who jumped at the chance to build something revolutionary.

Together, they built Crayon, a big data company, on a mission to simplify the world’s choices – where they enable enterprises to provide ultra-personalized choices to their customers, using their proprietary platform- SimplerChoices. They are headquartered in Singapore, are backed by Ratan Tata, and have an impressive clientele list spanning luxury hotel chains, premium tourist boards, multinational technology companies, renowned banking groups, FMCG companies, and more, all across the globe.

og-image5. Chargebee:
After working on various global SaaS(on-demand-software-services) products for years, in 2011, Rajaraman, Thiyagu, Krish and Saravanan, came to realize that SaaS is here is to stay, and that every SaaS and other recurring revenue business was building an additional crucial component to manage billing and subscriptions.

Billing, Payments, security, error handling & invoicing make up for back stage work that requires time, attention and technical rigor, and is a real pain. So, they set out to build a service that business owners could trust, that could simplify the complexities and let them focus on growing their businesses, This is when Chargebee was founded – to offer you the smartest way to setup your subscription billing.

With Chargebee, you can manage multiple pricing tiers within one dashboard, leverage add-ons to create product bundles that work, let team members run the show whenever they have to, allow your customers to manage their subscriptions on their own, and more.

So far, they have raised funding from Tiger Partners, and Accel Partners, and are based out of Chennai.












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