Weekly Spotlight| 5 Indian startups you should know about!

Weekly Spotlight| 5 Indian startups you should know about!


pupkart_banner_cat1. PupKart
 A Gurgaon based pet product startup is trying to establish itself as an online multi brand retailer of pets food and accessories  across all categories of pets including dogs, cats, birds, small animals and fish. PupKart was started in August in 2013 by two brilliant young minds Rahul Agarwal and Lokesh Kataria

They came across many families who keep pets but they use to feed them with the food they consume and groom them with the normal household items and let them play with their kid’s balls and toys. So, they provided the cheapest options at people’s doorsteps. Many people can’t even think of such products available online.

The venture was bootstrapped by the duo with approximately Rs.25-30 Lakh funds. With their unique method of having home under the office roof they were able to save lot of money. The return order percentage is less than 2% which is a remarkable figure in ecommerce industry. As a result, Pupkart was able to achieve break even in a very short period of time and is currently running on good profit since Jan 2015.


2. Glassic

Glassic was founded by Kailash Nichani & Devesh Nichani for the sole reason to sell great quality, fashionable eyewear at affordable prices.

The founders of Glassic spent their formative years in the traditional retail eyewear industry, where the market perception was “good quality and fashionable eyewear comes at a price.” The founders set out to change that perception.

At Glassic, they have created two major features to help make your purchase experience easier & better:

  • Virtual try on
    The Glassic virtual try on is a state of the art technology that aims at revolutionising the digital eyewear purchasing experience. Based on augmented reality, it allows you to “try-on” our eyewear. Simply turn your webcam on, and immerse yourself in an experience so close to shopping in store that you might just forget you’re doing it all in front of your laptop screen. You can turn your face side to side just like you would in front of a mirror. It is extremely accurate thanks to the facial tracking feature. So advanced, yet easy & fun to use.
  • Prescription tool
    Simply choose your power in the prescription table and voila! the site recommends the best lens for you based on the power entered.

11954726_2076258275846488_5758773727991016388_n3. OyePlay
OyePlay is a platform to connect same like minded people – Evolving technology to provide a one stop all sports solution and seamless effort to find best Club, Trainer around you and book them on the spot . sports enthusiasts and bring back ‘play’ in your life. So get your lovable varsity jersey out and give your neighbor a shout or go challenge your friends . 

The Bangalore based startup which was founded by Hitesh Jain and Amar Pal Singh in May-2015 is aiming to create a sports ecosystem which will make it easier for anyone to play any game so that India will be able to perform better at world stage and our Olympic medal tally may improve.

11393072_801903336593316_4068704938807803802_n4. The Makeoverz
The Makeoverz, welcomes you to open the Directory of Fitness and Beauty through the easy weapon of your smart phone- visit the site, search the area along with price. At The Makeoverz, you’ll find it all! So, are you booking your next appointment?The Makeoverz provides an online directory to the Salons, Spas, Makeup Artists, Skin Centers, Gyms, Fitness Studios and Trainers & Dietitians located around you, along with their Branches, Rate List, Pictures and Offers.

10299160_510068169120039_7572392508528132858_n5. eShopbox
eShopbox enables successful eCommercefor brands that is about having the right orchestration of various activities that delivers an end-to-end shopping experience.

From concept to execution, eShopbox aligns the company’s creative energy with client’s business strategy to help brands deliver captivating online fashion shopping experience

This article has been adapted from Startup Journal





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