Weekly Spotlight | 5 Indian startups that you should check out right...

Weekly Spotlight | 5 Indian startups that you should check out right now!


.1. Social Helpouts:
One of the reasons hiring is hard is high noise levels. You post one job and get flooded by 100s of resumes. It’s hard to sift through all the resumes to find the applicants that are actually interesting. This is when SocialHelpouts, a Pune based startup comes in, offering you a free platform that lets you unify and leverage your entire social graph to find best jobs, hire great people or find a reliable business, which means no unwanted calls from recruiters, no job descriptions and no CVs. Simplyland exclusive jobs that fit you with the help of your entire social network – that is more powerful that you realize.

– Their unique credit system discourages users from applying for too many jobs. This means your job only get replies from people who are serious and see a fit with your job.
– Their suggestion algorithm not only uses profile details, but also personal preferences, salary expectations and network connections to suggest matches. Result – leads that actually convert into a great hire.

Well known companies such as Toshiba, VMWare, Mobisoft, Paytm, AirStream, Zycus,Viral Mint, etc have used Social Helpouts in the past to facilitate their hiring requirements.

Paytm is hiring! Apply now.

1654200_745955115414908_1321957245_n2. Urban Ladder:
When the founders (Ashish and Rajiv) were trying to set up their homes in Bangalore, they spent a lot of effort trying to get quality furniture and home decor. Conversations with friends gave one clear message – there is a big need for good quality, well-designed, competitively priced and dependable furniture. Indian home-makers are looking for a solution that could help them make beautiful homes, without too much hassle. Existing brands were either poor on quality and service or too highly priced.

Wondering if there could be a better solution, the founders spent close to 6 months understanding the very basics of the furniture industry and the home décor space, from the raw materials stage through the entire manufacturing process to packaging and shipping the products across India. After some intense planning, trials and discussions with the best manufacturers across India and the world, and hundreds of consumer interviews, the founders narrowed down on a solution that could get distinctive products, manufactured well at prices that consumers would find practical.

And thus was born the journey of Urban Ladder – a Bangalore based startup that was launched in 2012, and secured a funding of $50 Million in April last year.

12029712_440476399487285_631517951562232575_o3. Opinio:
Opinio is building a next generation last mile delivery service for food, grocery, bakery, peer-to-peer and more. The company that was founded in 2014 by 6 IIT Kanpur Computer Science graduates is backed by India’s biggest VC firm – Accel Partners (Portfolio Companies: Facebook, Flipkart, Myntra etc.) and raised two rounds of funding in 2015.

With its technology driven, transparent system, and a feedback enabled, user friendly interface, Opinio comes with a promise of reliability and reliability, and availability.

Initially, the company operated out of a rentd penthouse and had the founding members donning the delivery boy hats, to take care of logistics and operations. Now, Opinio is 200 member strong team, that recently completed 1 Million deliveries and was featured on Forbes – ’20 startups to watch out in 2016′.

4. CaratLane:
CaratLane was started in 2008 with a mission to change the way diamonds and diamond jewelry is bought in India.With a network of over 4000 global vendors, they offer the largest collection of diamonds and diamond jewelry in more than 150+ cities and towns across the country. Their business model helps customers save up to 25% over retail prices.

Like all online businesses, they derive strength from having low overheads and low inventory costs, as they do their own manufacturing, instead of acting as a re-seller like most online businesses.

CaratLane.com has been listed as one of the “Top 20 hottest e-commerce sites in India” in a Data Quest / Sapient Nitro study, and has raised multiple rounds of funding/investment since their launch.

.5. Murmur:
Murmur is a content discovery app that brings to you the biggest stories of the day – about sports, cricket, tv shows, movie trailers, movie releases, startups, travel, technology, indian, world, hollywood, food, lifestyle, fashion, politics, health and fitness, relationship, humor and more.

Unlike many other apps, murmur does not focus on giving a summary of everything that is happening in this world, rather it helps a great deal in discovering the most important content for you, by asking for your interests while you’re setting it up on your device. It personalizes the content based upon the user’s interest and makes the feed relevant.

The app also works offline. Once you have downloaded the digest of news and stories for the day at 6PM, you can browse them all without internet.

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