LetsIntern: What Are Great Internship Descriptions Exactly?

LetsIntern: What Are Great Internship Descriptions Exactly?

Learn what great internship descriptions are actually made of.


Internship Descriptions

It’s that time of the year again – work pressure has increased and you feel the need of an extra set of hands. As an employer, you put up your requirements on an internship platform or your own career page and wait for the flow of internship applications. That does not happen, as you expect it should. And you wonder why? The culprit could be the internship descriptions you’ve put up.

In this blog, we explore internship descriptions and the best way to write them like a pro. And turn them around to get more and more internship applications.

Evolution in Internships

Once upon a time, the number of willing interns available in the market was less, as most were unaware of the concept of internships, except maybe technical students looking for industrial training or apprenticeships. And those who wanted them, would generally approach contacts (family, friends and neighbours) into a position with a big company.

In the last 15 years, there has been a sea change – companies have access to multiple platforms to seek interns – campus placements, summer training programs, industrial programs, internship websites like LetsIntern.

There are different types of internships – moving ahead from traditional summer internships, winter internships, summer trainings, industrial trainings, trainee programs. We now have digital internships, virtual internships and students able to pursue multiple internships at a single time.

Students are smarter too! They understand why they need to do internships, how to pursue them alongside their college hours and the learnings they can draw from them. And the importance of getting paid for them!

The Great Internship Descriptions

Putting up an offer, an internship description today, is no longer a simple ‘Position available – Do Apply’. You need to inform, entice and convince an intern to apply. You need to answer all questions and ensure that they apply in the first read alone.

When providing information on anything, if your piece covers the 5 W(s) and 1 H, you are great, already! Likewise, if the internship details cover all these aspects, what more does an aspiring intern want? For great internship descriptions cover these:

What – Internship Details


The great internship descriptions will, of course, tell you what the description is all about. If an internship posting narrates what is the role all about, the responsibilities and roles, it is sorted. How? Let’s break it down.

1. Internship Title – Have a clear-cut title for the position. An SEO Intern sounds better than a basic internship in the marketing department. A little creativity can work, as long as you don’t stray too far away (calling a sales executive, a sales sherpa sounds nice, calling one a business transformer gives one no idea).

2. Job Description – What you expect the intern will do through the time period. Be clear and precise.

When – Fixed Dates


This implies the recruiter and the posting shall be clear about when they need to block their calendar for the position. Your description should answer the following questions:

  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Duration
  • Last Day to Apply

You should also specify whether the internship is a Summer Internship or a Winter Internship.

Why – Perks And Learnings


Very important! This is where you move from being informational in nature, to enticing candidates to apply. It is vital that you let the interns know why they should consider applying to the said internship. Your USP details can include the following:

  • Stipend
  • Brand Leverage / Industry Leverage 
  • Skills An Intern Can Learn
  • Practices an Intern will pick up
  • Network influence they can draw

Where – Location Details

Location is important. When you have so many options; virtual, work-from-home gigs, part-time etc, the internship description shall entail these specifics.

For example: If you’re a Delhi/NCR based company, your location should specify that. However, if you’re offering a virtual internship, then the location should be remote/Pan-India, meaning that anyone, from anywhere, can apply.

Who – About The Company


A good internship description should contain the necessary information about the company they are seeking interns for. Most of the times, this is the first industry experience for a candidate and unless your company is an established giant, chances are they might not know what you’re all about.

This is also an area that a lot of companies don’t focus on – they either pick up lines from their website’s About Page, or put up a generic statement. This is what you should include:

  • Company Details
  • Products / Services they offer
  • Internships / Trainings / Learning programs
  • Prospects for new employees
  • General perks and benefits

Brand names shine brightly on any intern’s resume, but if you’re running a millennial startup with food, fun and a chance for a full-time job, you’ll get hits too!

How – Application Process

Great internship descriptions suggest how a potential intern can seek ways to apply. It is important that the ‘apply now’ feature is active while the internship posting goes live on any portals

Further, if you will screen applications on a certain questionnaire, interview round or other details, you should mention it too.


Internship descriptions matter a lot for students as they depend on the information being provided. These are the basics of which great internship descriptions are made of! However, no one minds a little pocket money!

Go ahead! Try your hand and put up an internship posting right away.

For more college lifesuccess tips and internship postingsstay tuned to the blog. Post your queries, opinions and suggestions in the comments section below.