What are the career possibilities after English Honors?

What are the career possibilities after English Honors?

English is a diverse, funny language and so are the career possibilities that are available to the ones majoring in the field. Let's explore some.


Career in English Honors
Career Options for an English Hons graduate

Let’s check out some career possibilities you can have your hands on after you graduate in English.You have the skills, you know how to talk, what to say and how to impress people with your English- you have been doing it and it defines you, so innately that you decided to enrol in a course in English. But, what can you possibly become in life after you graduate? These are some of the career possibilities you can consider right after a graduation in English Honours:

Language Translators / Transcribers

Career Possibilities in Language Translation
Career Possibilities in Language Translation

You can always consider this as one of the career possibilities when you are an Indian because you are bound to know three languages- your mother tongue, Hindi and English. You also tend to be proficient in two of them. And if you also happen to be deft in English, you could use it to your advantage and build a super cool career based on it- translators, language specialists, editors. Knowing an (or a couple of) foreign language (s) will always add to the benefit.

Content Writer + Editor

Content Writing
Career Possibilities as Content Writer and Editor

If you have a knack for pouring your mind out on a piece of paper or your computer screen, your English Honors degree can entitle you with being a Writer. In this digital era, you can always work on niches like education, lifestyle, health, fashion. Or if you really fancy the corporate world, the e-business firms and MNCs are always offering jobs for professional write-ups and web pages.

You could try your hand, through our selection of content and media internships.

Subtitle Specialists

Subtitle specialist
Career Possibilities as Subtitle Specialist

If you love watching films/TV shows and we mean anything that crosses your eyes, with your strong command over language, you can opt for becoming the Subtitle Guy. The only thing you would require is to be patient enough to replay a single scene dozen of times and still not losing it. It’s a fun but time-consuming and unpredictable job!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing tools
Career Possibilities in Social Media Marketing

If you love to scroll through your Facebook and Instagram news feed time and again, you can make a career out of this lethal habit! As you can both read and write well, use your skills to market brands on these social media platforms. Plus, your addiction helps you take it as a no-brainer.

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5. Event Management

Event Management Techniques
Career Possibilities in Event Management

One can always find some kind of event happening around. If you love to organise such events for people, you can always join an event management firm or start one on your own. You will always have a plethora of options to market the one you like- from corporate to Bollywood. These companies always give preference to the ones who can speak and write well.

Mass Communication

Career Possibilities in Mass Communication
Career Possibilities in Mass Communication

Become aware of the technical and creative aspects of a medium through which communication exists- from radio in the yesteryears to the trendy social media. With an advantage of your skill, this area can be highly functional for you to build a career on. Consider it, with the help of relevant content and media internships in the field.

Even if you run out of options, you still have ways to challenge yourself by working as a paralegal, as a public relations executive or get into that honoured job of being an English teacher.

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