What are Video Internships All About?

What are Video Internships All About?

Here, we explore Video Internships conceptually, look at their features and the kind of Video internships available in india. Take notes. Apply accordingly.


Know more about the concept of video internships and whether you should apply for one. (Image: SkEye Studios)

First, it was social – translating largely into Twitter and Facebook. Then digital campaigns and content writing. And now, with the advent of YouTube, Netflix and different web series – the new buzz in digital media internships comes from Video internships. Here, we explore them conceptually, look at their features and the kind of Video internships available in India.

What is a Video Internship?

A video internship often refers to an intern opportunity to work in the video production process in different aspects – be it strategy, conceptualising and creating videos, publishing them, data analytics – et al.

It is no longer restricted to working with a video production company. More and more companies look at videos as a way to prove their mettle – for effective communication, to reach out to their specific audience, for ads and promotional materials or to gain leads.

You could do corporate videos, explainer videos, content-based and viral content. Or work on short length and long-length pieces. You could also work with a marketing agency, get assignments as a freelancer and work with an established unit.

From the students’ perspective, Video internships are increased opportunities for them balance their academics and internships better without affecting the quality of the work being done. These can be remote or work-from-home in nature, depending on the kind of work the employer expects. They are definitely more engaging than normal ‘via-mail and call internships’ and hence the scope and outcome are both amplified. Find out more in this intern experience story on a video internship.

Video Internships In India:

Earlier, the concept of Video Internships was akin to video editing internships and film internships in video production units and film companies. This has changed immensely, with the addition of easy digital video platforms online and app-based video platforms on mobile. You can be involved in all three aspects video strategy and conceptualisation, video editing and video data analysis and online campaigns.

The scope of video production and video editing is immense in India, what with the rise of digital video content, specifically Video on Demand. E&Y had estimated the Indian online audience at 250 million for 2017, so you can be assured of eyeballs for all of that content.

Broadly, you can work in:

  1. Video Production Companies
  2. Video Editing units
  3. Animation units
  4. Film Production / Editing Units
  5. TV channels
  6. VOD platforms
  7. Web Production units / Digital Production units
  8. Digital marketing agencies
  9. Government departments
  10. Corporate marketing units
  11. Blogs / Vlogs / YouTube channels
  12. EduTech Companies / Course creators

Features of a Video Internship:

These are the common features of video internship:

Limitless Possibilities:

As shared above, video internships cover a gamut of all possibilities in conventional film, TV and corporate video production and digital internships in video. Many students who were exposed to digital platforms may consider them restricted to social media platforms.

Video internships make videos just a medium, the work may differ largely depending on the requirements of the company and capabilities of the intern.

Diverse Fields under Video Internships:

Video internships enable you to engage across fields, even when you are working remotely. There are ample internship opportunities available now for teaching, production work, management, and more.

In fact, it does not have to necessarily match up with your primary area of study. You can always opt it as a part-time internship to polish or optimally utilise your extra skills.

Distance Internships:

With the advent of video tutorials, you can now carry out video internships remotely as well. In fact, video internships have now open doors for so many capable students to work cross-country without even minding the distance.

The world is a smaller place to live in as technology has connected it so well. Many big companies from outside India are now hiring video interns and part-time employees from India. So, not only can you manage your time well, you can make the most of it by earning the name of these companies for your job resumes in future.


The conclusion is simple. The job and internship market is much more competitive than it had ever been. But equally true is the fact that the opportunities available are colossal. You just need to search for the right thing at the right time.

The key is to exploit your time in the most advantageous way possible. Video internships make it possible for you to think of internships beyond the parameters of summer and winter internships. Be on the lookout and grab opportunities whenever they knock the door and success will certainly follow!

With inputs from Sabina Yeasmin