What Does The Union Budget 2018 Hold For College Students

What Does The Union Budget 2018 Hold For College Students

The Union Budget 2018 is here. Let's find out what it holds for the students and how it will affect their lives and career in the coming years.


The Union Budget 2018 is here and holds a lot for the students.
The Union Budget 2018 is here and holds a lot for the students.

The Union Budget, 2018 is here and it seems to have everything for everyone. While many have been apprehensive about the budget and gone so far as to call it, not keeping the sentiments of the youth in mind, many have appreciated it too and given it their go ahead. While the debate rages on what the budget is all about, let’s break things up for you and glance at what the Union Budget 2018 holds for college students.

Preparing for the future

The current government is making long-term plans and is gearing up to make India employment ready. With employability skills being a key issue which has bothered the government, the IT jobs sector and the students, the focus is now on rectifying things and ensuring that the youth that walks in the job market is prepared for it.

To support the students and tell them how they actually mean business, the government has announced that it will

“launch of National Apprenticeship Scheme with stipend support and sharing of the cost of basic training by the government will give training to 50 lakh youth by 2020”.

With the National Apprenticeship Scheme in motion, students can expect a higher employability ratio while companies can hope for more fulfilling employees to take up the job.

Making way for Government Fellowships

Not only that, Arun Jaitley, the Finance Minister of the country also announced that “the government would launch the Prime Minister’s Research Fellows (PMRF) Scheme in 2018, under which 1,000 of the best BTech students each year from premier institutions would be identified and provided with facilities to do PhD in IITs and IISc; along with a fellowship grant.”

He also stressed on the need for better teachers and education quality and drew attention to the fact that the Government is working actively to look into these issues and get India up and going on its feet and ready to compete with the international market.

Digitalising education

The Modi government has been high on digitalisation from the very start and is ready help India make the leap to a more digital world. Keeping the tempo of the government in mind, Jaitley asked the colleges and teachers to slowly but steadily move from “black board” to “digital board” and transform the face of education.

However, despite its will to compete with the international market, the government has refused to acknowledge cryptocurrency like Bitcoins and is firm that it won’t and does not recognise cryptocurrency as legal tender or coin. While this news might not affect all students it might sound a little troubling for those who couldn’t wait to start their career and invest in some Bitcoin fandom.

Despite all its effort and grand gestures, the Union Budget 2018 missed talking about the National Employment Policy and the promise of millions of jobs that had propelled the NDA to power. Carrying its share of hits and misses, the Union Budget 2018 is finally in motion and you can drop your thoughts on it in the comments section below.