When they killed Rats and Chickens on their Summer Internship

When they killed Rats and Chickens on their Summer Internship

There are myriads of kinds of Internships. But we bet you haven't ever enrolled for a Summer Internship of this kind. Read on to know why!


Summer Internship
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Summer Internships are glorious! All of us expect Internships to be the gain ground for a successful career in the near possible future. The chosen ones from the Mortal Working Class spare no effort to hook the best opportunities available. Lucky are those who are enmeshed in Titanic MNCs, absorbing all the knowledge like a sponge. Or coding the life out of them for startups. Blessed are those who get to learn Data Analysis at Goldman Sachs or Consulting at Ernst & Young. But then there are LEGENDS. These legends who undergo horror Internships which only remain as laughable, tweet-worthy stories.

Let us make you acquainted with few of these so that you learn some gratitude! 😉

Liftforasthetics, a user on Reddit who worked an intern at a genetics lab shares their experience of slaughtering rats and how they grew used to it– because the internship wasn’t over yet!

“Freshman year of high school I interned at a genetics lab. I had to put some lab rats into a container, attach a tube to the container, and flick a switch. Then I realised I was killing “rejected” rats by poisoning them with Carbon monoxide.

This probably wasn’t as bad as the other incidents, but I felt some remorse for a few days after. Eventually, I got used to it, since I would have to do it for another month and a half.”

Summer Internship
Dead Mau5 for Summer Internship? 😉 (pinimg)

In addition to this horror internship thread: “Oh, I did the same thing during an internship. I had to break the necks to make sure there were no survivors before throwing the corpses in the biohazard disposal thing.” says Fireproofspider

It is not just these two, there are many interns who have decapitated animals for the sake of research!

Another ghoulish act performed by mongrale (another Reddit user), where they had to test “chicks”. Well, checking out chicks is still understandable but this…!

“I did chick testing for a poultry lab. Involved gassing a brown paper bag of like 10 chicks, ripping them open with gloved hands, pulling out their lungs, and taking a yolk sac sample. Was not pleasant.”

Can you imagine the scene? Miniature chickens squeaking and struggling for their menial lives!

All I can say is you all should be grateful for the internships our portal offers you! Because they do not involve animal slaughter! So, get a good internship and build your career! Share your views and awe-struck moments in the comments.