Why IIM Bangalore’s Vista 2017 Is The Place To ‘B’ This Weekend

Why IIM Bangalore’s Vista 2017 Is The Place To ‘B’ This Weekend

Pay a visit to Vista 2017 this weekend i.e 22-24 September 2017 at IIM Bangalore! We tell you the reasons why!


VISTA 2017
Vista 2017

IIM Bangalore parades Vista 2017 for all the business fanatics! Vista 2017 is IIM Bangalore’s annual business summit and this year it is being presented this weekend! All you B-people, make sure you b there over the weekend (22-24 September 2017).

Vista 2017, the three-day summit can be elucidated as a business affair where the industry unites with academics. It is a terrific platform for interested students to bolster their windows of knowledge. How, you ask? Vista 2017 presents workshops, affairs, competitions and events. And these Vista 2017 events are what makes it exceptional each year! Let us see which all events are there in Vista 2017.

For The B-Beings

Vista 2017 has flagship events like Young Leader’s Summit (YLS), Corporate Conclave and tLIFE with competitions offering prizes worth Rs. 30,000! So, if you want to learn about leadership, know the S and S of success, participate in YLS. Enrol yourself for a panel discussion with a few visionary leaders of some of the biggest organizations across the globe with Corporate Conclave. Show off your financial guru-syndrome with Stock 20-20 where participants have to pitch their favourite stocks!

For The Marketing Maniac

Set the marketing stage on fire this Vista 2017! With such exciting events, showcase your marketing skills. Vista 2017 offers Digibites, Markguru, Dynamark, Retailer and Brandmertrics with whopping cash prizes!

For The Tech Strategists And Pundits

Participate in these events to simulate the job roles you’d someday apply for! In Milestone, contestants will play the role of Operational Manager and would be facing a live issue of a firm. For the hungry strategists, participate in Corporate CZARS and get your strategy hat on! Invade the digital world of data with Call of Data. Outsmart other smarty-pants in the room and win prizes with Street-Smart.

For The Creative Creatures

Al the creative cats, it is time to get out of the bag! Let the people know the secret to your creativity! Participate in Comic Strip and Game Face to showcase your talent.

For The Philanthropists

For all the people who love all the people, grab these opportunities at Vista 2017 to help the needy ones! Make a change with VidheyakSparshImpetus and Smart City.

For The Literary Lords

Sharpen your swords… we mean words! For all the Vocab-Warriors, Vista 2017 brings events like Qrosity, Wordict, Labyrinth, Death By Rebuttal and much more to show the power of words, knowledge and everything in between!

To experience this exhilarating phenomenon that Vista 2017 is, register yourself at the official website, right now!

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