6 reasons why you should join a College Committee!

6 reasons why you should join a College Committee!


Most transitions happen while being in college life – you learn, grow, become mature, and ready for corporate life. Apart from spending time in lectures and canteen, there’s one thing that will help you in this transition – being a part of a college committee. Here’s why:

– Experience:
You get to experience how things work outside of books. College committees function like any company, obviously at a smaller level. You learn how to market a product (events/memberships), manage finances (there’s always a crunch, everywhere!), taking care of operations (smooth execution of events). Apart from these, the most important skill you learn is Jugaad. There’s always something that will go wrong at an event and you learn how to handle it, make arrangements at the last moment withthe least resources available. Best part? You get to talk about all of this during your interviews, and possibly on your resume, too!
On that note, take a look at 15 Things you should never say in an interview!

– Fun:
Apart from all the learning and hard work, being a part of college committee is a lot of fun. You meet many new people – seniors and juniors, exchange thoughts and spend a lot of time together. College festivals are a lot of fun, aren’t they? Here’s why: 5 reasons why you should attend a college fest.

– Exposure: Being a part of a college committee, you would be exposed to people from industry. You become aware of what is going else in the world apart from your canteen gossips. Once you know about a range of topics, your communication skills also improve, as you would be able to strike a conversation on any topic with anyone. This is very necessary as you prepare to enter the corporate world once your college gets over.

– Network: College committees give amazing opportunities to network with individuals from the industry. You make good contacts that would help you out in the transition. Here’s how networking can help you: The Social Network | 4 Reasons why you need to know the people you work with!

– Career: Being a part of college committees shows that you are pro-active – a skill searched by almost all recruiters. Getting internships and job becomes easier if you have the experience in running a college event. I got my internship at PriceBaba just because I had networked with Annkur Agarwal, CEO at PriceBaba.com during events and he liked how I managed events and the team.

– Keeps you busy: This is the most important for outstation students who do not have family or a bunch of friends to roam around with. You need tokeep yourself busy with something intelligent and challenging to do and college committees provide exactly that. Here’s 6 other things only people living away from their home will understand.

You may argue that roaming around with friends or gossiping is much for phone but at the same time personal development is more important. So get over being lazy and apply for the next committee recruiting in your college!

This article was written as a guest post for Letsintern by Keyur Shah, a student at NMIMS’ Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering. Keyur has also done two exciting internships – one in a product and price comparison start-up (Pricebaba.com) and another at a creative agency (Webchutney). You can read more of him on his blog here

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