Winter Internship And Office Party? Know How To Handle It

Winter Internship And Office Party? Know How To Handle It

Ready to enjoy the winter internship and the office parties it brings in its wake? Here are some tips on how to make the most of this time RESPONSIBLY.


Office party during your winter internship and how you can make the most of it.
Office party during your winter internship and how you can make the most of it.

Christmas and New Year are just round the corner and if your office is anything like mine then you must already be gearing up for a grand office party. However, while you might be in the full mood to enjoy the winter internship and the office party it brings in its wake, there are certain things you should keep in mind before going for an office party.

If you are looking to turn the internship opportunity into a full-time job one then you cannot afford to be anything but your perfect self even when you are supposed to let your hair down. So, here a few tips on how to enjoy the office party responsibly and what are the things you should keep in mind when out with your colleagues.

Go ahead with the right mindset

Instead of dreading the office party and wondering that should you even be a part of it, go ahead and enjoy it. Yes, you are on your winter internship and you might not have had time to meet and know a lot of people but that does not mean you should not go.

Put your inhibitions aside and go to the party with a positive attitude and the will to build and expand your network.

Know what you will wear

Don’t leave your clothes for the last moment. You might end up being panicky or realize you don’t have anything “appropriate” to wear. So, decide what you will wear on the big day way beforehand. Ask your colleagues and other interns what they will wear and make a decision accordingly.

And before anything, remember that what you wear can say a lot about you and how people perceive you.

Dressing too casual or flirty can backfire as people will always see you as that person. Dress to uptight and you will be the person who is closed. A safe option would be to go to the party in your office clothes as this will keep things playfully casual.

Reach the party on time

“Fashionably late” doesn’t work for office parties as it can totally screw up your impression and you might very well lose your chances of turning the winter internship into something more. And since you will be one of those few new people around it will be totally awkward if others have already introduced themselves and are starting with the party.

Instead, be “fashionably and refreshingly early”. Go about, meet new people and say hello.


Put your insecurities and everything else that might be holding you back aside and go ahead and mingle with people. Get to know people beyond the work environment and try to make friends out of the colleagues and bosses. Build on your network as you shake hands with new people. Talk to people and remember to talk about things outside of work. Your workplace is the place where you should restrict the serious talks about work and new projects, outside the office, try to stay clear of such topics.

Talk about the latest game of cricket or football, talk about any movie, make small talks. And most importantly, practice the “art of listening”. People will appreciate you so much more for it.

Don’t drink too much

Yes, it is a party but it is not one of your college parties where you are out with your friends and people you hang out with and talk about anything under the sun without giving it a second thought. Office parties require you to behave in a certain responsible manner and not losing your senses because you have had too much to drink is one of the things expected out of you.

Think of the office party as an extension of your office hours where you are supposed to enjoy but also keep up with your office manners. If you can’t help yourself and go easy on the drinks then space each glass with some food or water to have a better grip on your senses.

So, go ahead and use these party and internship tips as you enjoy the party of the year. And not just during your winter internship, even as you start with your first job or do full-time internships at any point in time, these tips will hold true for each office party you attend.