Winter Internships In 2017: Reasons We Adore The Movie ‘The Intern’

Winter Internships In 2017: Reasons We Adore The Movie ‘The Intern’

Winter Internships in 2017: Ben Whittaker from 'The Intern' is my favourite intern. Read why!


Winter Internships in 2017
Winter Internships in 2017: The best of ‘The Intern’

For Winter Internships in 2017, we know all about the interns, their internships, dreams and aspirations. These interns that we talk about all the time are creative, fabulous people from the college years. Not only that, we also have our¬†Super Intern- Mohit Badaya, who has 7-8 internships in his kitty! But guess who is my favourite intern? It is Ben Whittaker from the movie ‘The Intern’.

For the season of Winter Internships in 2017, here are the reasons as to why Ben Whittaker is the most adorable Wintern!

1. Just Look At Him

giphy (14)

What a cute bub he is! Robert De Niro has perfectly portrayed Ben. Ben is sharp, perfectly dressed and eventually gets Jules’ good graces. Ben is the officially cutest intern, ever! Not to forget, Rober De Niro is everyone’s heart-throb grandpa. He also suggests his fellow interns carry a handkerchief; for you may find a crying woman anytime ūüôā

2. That Intern Is Dedicated And Relentless In His Efforts

giphy (13)

Ben is a dedicated intern. Ben’s role as an intern starts when he applies for a Senior Citizen Internship Program at ‘About The Fit’; working directly under Jules Ostin. When a retired employee gets bored of his retirement and decides to get back in the professional world, add a little bit of dedication, a little bit of aspiration, Et Voila, you have Ben Whittaker. We see his relentless efforts as an intern all through the movie.

3. The Intern-Boss relationship

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If you are a newbie in this game of internships, you must anticipate what an internship looks/feels like in all actuality. Well, this is it. Your boss will be busy and caught up in their own affairs. No one will have the time acknowledge you. However, just like Ben Whittaker, it is your call if you want to get in the good books of your boss. Make sure you decide to give your 200 percent and gain 100 percent from your internship.

4. A Video Resume

In the opening scene, it is shown that Ben prepares a video resume in which he describes his life and his reasons for applying for the internship. The resume is short, crisp and sweet, in all! Learn something, interns!

Also, don’t forget to interact and network with people at your office, just like my favourite Ben Whittaker.

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РHappy Winterning!