Your (Best) Route to Becoming a Global Citizen – Study Abroad!

Your (Best) Route to Becoming a Global Citizen – Study Abroad!


Look around you. See the stuff that makes your life easier and more fun.

From Google’s search engine, Apple’s awesome machines and Intel’s chip, to Facebook friends, Ebay deals, and Microsoft’s documents, all of these have become part of your life. These are the products of the world’s most creative and disruptive ideas. Ideas that are changing the world and are part of your life, one way or the other.

1One fascinating fact is that all of these companies, and the ideas that created them in the form of products and services, transcend nationality, class, geography, culture and language. An important reason for this is the fact that these ideas were developed by people from all around the world, people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, people of differing age and gender, people of varying social class and political inclinations. This diversity of thinkers is critical for new ideas to develop, prosper and expand in the 21st century.

A closer look and a deeper study of these ideas would also bring us to another key point: they were all born in a stimulating environment that fostered open curiosity, conversations and experimentation.

This environment is necessary not just for extraordinary ideas and companies. It is also a basic requirement for excellence in individual people as well; to reach beyond themselves, to seek like-mindedness without fearing external differences, to imagine and re-imagine themselves, to challenge themselves, and simply learn to never take no for an answer to their deeper pursuits.

The idea of a truly global citizenry is one component of the pursuit to achieve excellence, and there are many ways to promote global citizenship.

2One of the best, I would argue, is to study abroad. Even better is to study in a place that offers intellectual stimulation and pushes students to keep innovating.

One such place is the United States of America. In fact, one common factor that binds the ideas and companies mentioned above is that they all originated in America.

It has become so much easier now to experience firsthand what it’s like to be where world-changing innovations are happening. And to learn!

What better way to learn than to study in the favorite place for higher education, with approximately 900,000 international students from all over the world.From India alone, there are over 100,000 students who are studying in the US.

3You might want to be one of them! And if you do, know that it is easier now than ever before. Some of America’s top universities are coming to your city to meet you in person. This event is free of charge.

All you have to do is to show up and start a conversation.You’ll also be able to get direct advice, the most relevant informational materials, and direct contacts for all of the participating US universities and their representatives.

So how do you get all of this?

Register here and you will counted in:

It’s that simple!

If you want to catch up with all the latest updates, head to this Facebook page.

4And when you meet these awesome university reps, don’t hesitate to ask them about their international student populations, facilities they have, and the diversity they offer. With all that information, make your plans to become a global citizen. You will be amazed to find yourself among classmates from many countries, with professors who are not just teaching you but collaborating with you as partners. And perhaps the most fun part of it all: to be able to take a music class as an engineering student, to be able to explore film making as a physics major, or to simply develop your own curriculum and choose your own professor as you decide to sign up for an independent study. You can do all of these in order to become a global innovator yourself!

Go, try the Linden Fairs! And see what some of the top US universities have to say to you!

Author: Syed K Jamal, International Education Specialist, @skjamal,




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