Awaraji is community based travel portal 

In the wake of dozens of mushrooming travel portals aiming to ease travellers’ pet peeves, this is an honest attempt by a geek who is a passionate traveller himself, to contribute his share of experiences- both ups and downs- that allowed him to come across the technical gap between the providers and users and overcome them all to genuinely offer a stop solution for all things travel!

This not only genuinely satiates the soul of the developer behind this project but also truly helps the new wave of travelers to enjoy their travails and with ease. The all-in-one portal now allows users and hosts/ service providers to come together on the same platform and in a way that was earlier served as piece-meal.

As an enthusiastic traveler myself, I can easily say what all was required to be done and how much blood, sweat and tears were shed during the whole process to bring it to fruition.

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