BEC Chemicals is more than a three decade old company and is one of the most reputed company for the long standing relations with customers and delivery of high quality products. 

BEC was incorporated in year 1979 and since then, it has developed and commercialized process technologies most of which are in close collaboration with our existing multinational customers.

The company’s head office is based in Mumbai (close to the International Airport) and manufacturing unit at Roha (125 kms from Mumbai). The manufacturing unit has been approved by Indian, American ,European and Japanese Drug Authority.

The company’s corporate policy primarily focuses on Product Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Patient’s Safety, Health & Safety Measures, Training, Team Work, Social Responsibilities, monitoring thrive for Continuous Improvements which has resulted into trust and confidence among our International customers. 

We are a R&D driven company wherein, our Research and Development centre (situated in Mumbai) has been recognized by the Department of Science and Technology as DSIR Approved. We undertake contract research and new process development work for generic APIs under confidentiality agreements. The R&D is well equipped to undertake projects from Lab scale to Kilo scale, with complete technical package as per CTD format. 

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