BlueBulb.in is one of India's leading online platforms to Find and Book Verified Activities, Experiences and Weekend Getaways in your city.

We like butts. We like ours, we like yours, we just don’t like sitting on them.

Because there’s so much to do in our city.

You can jump off a cliff, with a paraglider and a prayer. Spin fire under the stars. Turn clay into butterflies with just your hands. Belly Dance. Play Golf. Shoot a bow and arrow. Go fishing. And a billion and half other crazy things.

And we are here to help you do all of them.

Most of the Blue Bulb experiences are a quick introduction to an activity or an easy way to try something different. All our experiences are in the city or just around the corner, so you can do them in a day. You can just browse through the site and book something you like online.

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