Cyrrup Solutions Pvt Ltd - engineers trusted solutions for vehicle owners. 

Our Diesel Theft Detection Solution (Diesel Eye) works towards minimizing operational expenses in logistics, by detecting fuel theft. Daily reports containing fuel inlet/outlet and theft information, along with GPS location and Time Stamp are sent across to the vehicle owners via our Android App and Web Dashboard.

Our Smart Fleet Management Solutions help Truck owners in keeping track of Vehicle History – Servicing Information, Trips done by the vehicle, Vehicle Performance, Vehicle Document Management and Vehicle Driver Management. Trip Distances, Idle Times, Stopping Points, etc. are recorded with Google Maps for Operations Optimization in future.

Our Driving Behavior Monitoring Solution (Vehicle BlackBox) has been designed to focus on enhancing Safety Standards of the driven vehicle, by keeping a check on rash driving.

Completely Made in India, our highly Customizable Solutions have been designed to cater to the different telematics needs of the Logistics industry. Backed by our guaranteed and efficient Post-Sales Service, We stand for TRUST.

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