FURO FOOD is an early-stage smart food startup which aims to reinvent how we consume fruit and vegetable products. We are on a mission to help people include more fruits and vegetables into their diet by offering delicious, quick and easy, ready to eat food solutions without compromising on the nutritive value of the food. We founded FuroFood as our focus was to apply our knowledge and experience (both the founders are Ag. Engineers by background, Neha is an MBA and Siddhartha is a Phd in Ag and Bio Engineering), into creating healthy, convenient and tasty food options. 

We aim at providing food that tasty, nutritious, sourced sustainably, and uses trusted ingredients. In all our offerings there are no additives (preservative/colors/ flavors, sugar) and everything is made in India at affordable prices for our customers. We are available on our website (www.furofood.com), Amazon India, Flipkart and Big Basket and also at select premium hospitality partners such as Hyatt. We are looking to expand into modern trade outlets in and around Delhi NCR.

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