Eduacted Globe are a US based company dedicated to developing innovative processes and tools to improve and enrich the learning process. We provide technology-enabled solutions for educators, administrators, and students across various age groups. We utilize home grown and off-the-shelf Learning Management Systems (LMSs), eBooks, Courseware, and other customized solutions and products. We employ an adaptive business model to deliver result-oriented learning solutions. Each programme involves an analysis to facilitate effectively structured personalized learning objectives with the aim of improving learner performance and achievement. Educated Globe actively assists in boosting learning outcomes for learners by experts who use an alchemy of instructional strategies, materials and technologies. We also provide the communications management for administering the system, delivering the content, and tracking student performance. Customizing learning Educated Globe leverages the fact that each learner possesses a unique potential and innate abilities which are best enhanced with an individual focus and support of a personalized learning path. Learning happens at different speeds during different times--leading to intellectual growth spurts at times and encountering roadblocks at others. We offer customized after school solutions for learners, allowing learning to happen at its own pace. Some learners prefer to learn in small or large groups while others feel comfortable with self-study. Similarly, learners can be categorized into visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners on the basis of their natural inclinations. Our solutions provide educators the tools and strategies to identify the learner's inclination for a particular style and monitor their progress, while recommending various resources. In fact, our instructional materials cater to the strengths and weaknesses of each learner and continuously adapt as progress is made. Our mission Educated Globe's goal is to provide an environment that goes beyond the pedagogic stereotypes and conventions to provide learners with an effective and outcome-oriented learning environment to achieve their full potential and ethereal. We push the students to go beyond the factual and other core curricular learning and think in terms of concepts and ideas. We aim to kindle the imaginative and abstract thinking skills in learners. Ultimately, we strive to create self-directed global citizens who are stable, happy and excited to carve out their personal paths. But we cannot achieve these goals without support. We invite you to collaborate with us in our mission to raise the bar for delivering quality education. Whether you are an educator, an administrator, a parent, even a student or simply believe in the potential of education to change lives, please join our efforts. With your help, we can be more effective in creating a better future for our students.

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