Emotional Intelligence for Your Website

Emotify is a smart reaction and re-engagement tool for web publishers, news websites, and blogs.

Our product is one of it’s kind and it provides a smart and easy to set up reaction and re-engagement tool for web publishers so that they can connect and engage with their audience emotions and delight them with a very personalized experience. Emotify helps boost some of the key metrics of the website such as page views, content visibility, audience interaction and read time.

We are distributing our product as SAAS and anyone can integrate our product on their website in a few minutes. We follow freemium pricing model for our product. Currently, we are running in private beta and are planning to launch publicly in a few weeks.

To know more about Emotify, visit our website: http://www.goemotify.com/

What Drives Us

Emotify mission is to add sentiment layer over the entire internet by adding new dimensions to the way we interact and engage with the websites, apps and content.

We are a small team of young and passionate people committed to realize ambitious goals. We are working hard to solve some of the hard problems of Artificial Intelligence, NLP and Machine Learning and apply the knowledge and solutions to improve human experience of Websites, Apps and Content on the internet. To know more about us, visit: http://www.goemotify.com/about

What are we looking for?

We are hiring for digital marketing interns. Do visit this link to know about the roles before applying. https://www.evernote.com/l/AUk4T6kNeOpG-p5BbZmKv-QAlzqMO5FylYA

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