Finbit is a digital financial media firm with a simple idea to connect all financial stakeholders with edited, managed and analyzed information. Our motto "Crowd | Collaboration | Content"​ is at the heart of everything we do.

Unlike traditional media firms, we are not just another news platform. We generate high quality insights, analysis, podcasts and video content spanning the length and breadth of global and domestic economic events to high level analysis of stocks listed on Indian markets. Our model of partnering with contributors make it a unique platform to assess and evaluate financial situations from multiple perspectives bring out both clarity as well as timely assessment of macro and micro risk factors looming large on the global and domestic economic systems. So, whether you're an independent or professional investor, analyst, industry expert or entrepreneur, the platform offers something special to all. Please visit our website https://finbit.xyz/about for more information about us. FinBit Crowd | Collaboration | Content

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