Friction Innovative Education (FIE) is a young dynamic and fast growing company in the field of Education. We work towards empowering individuals by enriching the process of thinking. FIE has been conducting knowledge exchange programs across age groups; helping re-discover themselves by questioning their status quo thinking and conformation to societal norms. En`route Success is the flagship product of FIE developed for the Schools.. The program is designed to teach the influential lessons of life that are untaught to the children and perceived that they will learn them automatically. Something like - (a) Everything is Learnable and achievable provided you have the right attitude for it (b) There is nothing wrong or shameful in committing mistakes. In fact you can learn the most out of them. (c) Failures and problems just come to pass, not to stay (d) There is nothing wrong with criticism. Accept it rather than reacting to it and many more such crucial learning... The child is always learning from what he observes and experiences. Therefore, he accepts the untaught things the way he understands it. This is the reason why we find people with such diverse thinking even though they are all part of the same Education system. We wish to bring certainty in the child development process and build a fertile foundation for them to flourish in the future.

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